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  1. kibz

    Membership to buy tickets

    I know it's my own fault. Had to deal with a family emergency, so couldn't check the forum
  2. kibz

    Membership to buy tickets

    Well yeah I know that. When I first asked was before they went on sale.
  3. kibz

    Membership to buy tickets

    I've only now seen this and now they've sold out! Bloody hell
  4. Hi, just wondered if I could use anybody's membership to buy a ticket for the Norwich game. I have a membership myself, but can I only buy one ticket with it, and I'm after two. Can anybody help? Thanks
  5. kibz

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

  6. I'm going to Benicassim festival in Valencia in a couple of months.. and Dylan's headlining oh yeeeeeeeh!