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  1. Kevin Wilson (soon to be CFC) in top photo.
  2. Great pictures. Awful away Leicester kit at the time. Looking at the photos of the East Stand the seats looked fairly full. I was in The Shed that day which was also fairly full. This would indicate an "actual" crowd of circa 25 - 28,000?? Without looking it up I would guess the "reported" crowd was around 17,000. Got to love Uncle Ken!
  3. Townsend, Clive Wilson, Ray, Kerry & Alan McDonald (RIP). I was sat (in the aisle) with a few Chelsea in the area between Wilson and Wilkin's heads. Was an awful penalty by Dixon. I believe their winner was an early penalty. Never had much luck on the pitch when I went there.
  4. I got in that day. Ticket was £40 from a tout!!
  5. My guess is that the changing room photo is after the Leeds (5-0) game.
  6. Not the temporary shed as he is wearing the away kit.
  7. Regarding the glorious 83/84 season I am pretty sure that sadly great chunks of it were not even filmed.
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