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  1. Nice, that's another one wrapped up. Just need to concentrate on getting a decent forward now, anything else is a bonus.
  2. I actually LOL at how bad that video was, but glad all the same he's signed now. Who's place do you think he is most likely to push for though? Cahill, Luiz or Dave? They all have their strengths but would maybe say Cahill is the most likely to make way, unless the plan is to push Dave back out wide... Hopefully Bakayoko and a forward soon to follow!
  3. Sorry mate, did you randomly appear during transfer season with the name football agent? Yeah doesn't look suspect at all. Too many pretend guys out there making out like they have insider knowledge, why would anyone believe you anymore than anyone else who thinks they know whats going on? Unless you had key information about multiple transfers that was revealed after you say it then nobody gives a crap what you say.
  4. Daily Mail saying he's in London to have a medical (again). Maybe he will sign soon... Who knows. Reporting on our targets this year seems pure guess work.
  5. As a fan of Chelsea FC (this isn't Mourinho FC) I think the sacking was the right decision. I'm sure we're all thankful for the trophies he's won our club, but seriously Mourinho has created an absolute circus here this season. He's even turnt our side into a bunch of clowns to go with it. How does one simply turn Champions into near on relegation fodder over night? He has brought some fun and happy times to Chelsea, and a lot of good feeling, but in any job if you do not perform you will get sacked. You simply can't live off the past and we were in danger of hitting the relegation zone so we need some serious TLC. I have no idea who is coming in for the short or long term but I just hope they refresh this side a little in January if at all possible and steer us to a safe position at the very least. If we suddenly kick into gear and string some good results together now as well as decent performances then nobody can say it was the wrong decision.
  6. So, brief 20 minute cameo and this guy looks fast, quick feet, and likes a long range shot. Need to see more of him, sooner the better. More determination to score than anyone else who was on the pitch today!
  7. Sorry I just do not agree with playing domestic games at our national stadium, whether or not you think the 'magic' has gone. I will always remember when I was about 8 or 9 and how awesome it was when Chelsea got to the FA Cup final against Manchester United (where we lost 4-0 at the old Wembley). If I was a kid again without what I know now, I would still feel the same seeing my team get to the new Wembley to play a final. The fact it's hosted other sporting events or concerts is irrelevant, as they're also one off 'special' occasions and not regular weekend visits like playing league games there would be.
  8. Unlike Lampard, Fabregas will NOT get a hero's welcome when they greet him on his first game involving Arsenal. They will boo him the whole game, and if I was him I would want nothing more than to shove it back in their faces when we spank them.
  9. Sorry but playing at Wembley should be a special occasion, I wouldn't want us to play there for a season it would totally ruin any magic of playing a cup final there.
  10. I thought the problem with increasing our size wasn't how we would do it, I thought it was getting the fans in and out of the stadium safely due to our location?
  11. Funny not seen anything said about that stamp on his arm, and although it wasn't mega bad it was intentionally done to hurt Fabregas and possibly to wind him up enough to get sent off. If Costa had done that then he would have been hung out by the press.
  12. Since our club is London based, and most of our fans are based in London and surrounding counties you can't not expect this sort of banter. I've never been to Liverpool, but it's pretty common for fans to pull out all the digs against our most hated rivals, take it with a pinch of salt!
  13. If Torres turns into some mean goal machine again, we will all wonder if he was struck by a gypsy curse! I wish him good luck, just hope he doesn't make us regret his departure, or maybe what he could of been. Oh well, arrivederci Torres!
  14. This made me LOL, always remember seeing this video clip with guy who can't pull his polo top off! HAHA
  15. Costa only had a hamstring injury towards the end of last season that he kept playing on without letting heal fully, and a 'small' muscular problem as of now. He's not known to be injury prone I imagine everyone is playing their poker face at the moment to force deals through, or hold out for more money etc. Wouldn't be surprised to see Torres leave on deadline day, with us signing Destro or Remy as his replacement. No way will we go into the league with 2 forwards.
  16. Yeah he has two memorable goals to his name that were important, but we will all be relieved to see the back of him should he sign for Milan. He was an absolutely awful buy in the end unfortunately, shame because I was excited when we got him. Lets hope we don't make many more mistakes of this magnitude in the future.
  17. I agree. Fact is Torres isn't worthy of a place in our 1st team squad in important games (Prem, CL, domestic cup quarter/semi/final), I'd rather do as we have done starting with Costa, bringing on Drogba if needed. If Torres wants to sit and pick up his wages and not look to redeem himself elsewhere then that is his call, he can play our league cup/lower round FA Cup games and leave when his contract is up. I don't dislike the guy, but he isn't doing anyone or himself any favours, only his bank account.
  18. I guess the big man told you that himself?
  19. I personally will be pleased to see him back, even if it's only for a few cameo appearances. He's a true leader and a familiar respected face of our club, so having him around will be pretty cool. "Didier Drogba TRA LA LA LA LA! Didier Drogba TRA LA LA LA LA LA LA!"
  20. As third choice back up he can still do a job, and he may well step it up a notch since he would be back with Mourinho who he loves. It's not like we will be relying on him to spearhead our attack next season, he would get a few games in the League/FA Cup and is good option to bring on for his heading ability when defending or lumping the ball up for an emergency goal. He may have lost a yard or so of pace not that he was particularly fast or known for speed, but still I would rather bring on Drogba than Ba or Torres like last season if we were in need of something extra. I mean common Eto'o didn't do too bad at 39 did he, Drogba still has a season or two left in him.
  21. This may be part of our way of tackling financial fair play getting these cheap young players, and selling them on for a small profit after a few years but who knows he may turn out good. I certainly don't mind us doing this. Welcome to the club, and good luck to him (he will certainly need it!).
  22. I think Aubameyamg is one of the fastest players in Fifa 14,he must be pretty good right? :P
  23. Makes you wonder how we got him for that price... I'm bloody surprised!
  24. HAHAHHAHA YEAAHAHAHAHAHAHH! Not been this excited about a transfer for a while, just need to seal Costa and we will rule English football next season! Awesome business Chelsea! :D
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