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Final Quiz Standings


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I reckon the quiz has probably outlived its time now so I am knocking it on the head for now.

It, in a slightly different format, will reappear in the summer along with a few other ideas that Mod and I are currently knocking around between us.

So to the final standings. As stated before I have eliminated anybody who had entered less than five quizzes as it led to them having an unrealisitic average, especially if some of the ones they had entered had been the 20 point quizes.

So without further ado I name


as our inhouse Chelsea nerd!!

Moi and Cassiya tied for seocnd spot however I placed Moi above CAssiya purely on the grounds that

1. She had entered one more quiz

2. Google paid me for the amount of hits she had regenerated on their search engine.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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