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kenyon's influence on the wane?


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further doubt cast on his future at the club.

I don't like the man though I recognise that he's played a part in "building the brand" etc (Which I actually don't care about really), and there have been far too many football related cock ups (although give him his due, he did appoint mourinho)...

it wouldn't kill me to see him leave. not at all.

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I do think he will go sooner rather than later. The LFS fiasco looks to have ensured that because he was the only one who stood up for him when he was sacked which makes me believe LFS was his choice.

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Whilst Kenyon's influence is probably waning - which is probably not a bad thing - I think the media may been overstating the case that he's on his way out shortly. Our owner is now obviously taking a much greater interest in transfer dealings and has learnt a fair bit about the cat & mouse of it all. To be fair to Kenyon - it must have, at times, been difficult for him in the last 3 years or so to cope with some of the owner's somewhat contradictory demands: balancing the demand for beautiful football (hence the experiment with Scolari) with the stated objective of being self-funded/debt free by 2010 and in circumstances where the Owner is himself buying the likes of Shev. Don't get me wrong - I'm no apologist for Kenyon (I'll never forget him of all people gracing the podium at Moscow) but at the same time his job must be one of the harder jobs in football. No doubt his difficulties in this regard will be a major thread/chapter in Kenyon's biography in the future when he retires or is sacked etc. And not doubt he'll be painting himself through the Chels years as having to face a herculean/impossible task.

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