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Chelsea 4 Liverpool 2 - May 1991 - Quick Query


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I remember that Dixon, Durie and Wise scored and I also remember that Speedie got one of Liverpool's goals. What I think I remember is that Dixon got a brace but I can't be sure about that. Anyone remember?

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Yep already found that Tim (so I negate that pint) - thing is that site is no more reliable that the football heroes one and they contradict each other. In fact the football heroes site also has that Durie got the brace in his profile.

I was hoping someone might have been at the game and remembered it or maybe have a program form the end of the season that listed all the scores and goalscorers.

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According to my Ron Hockings book "90 Years Of The Blues", the scorers were Kerry Dixon 2, Durie, Wise (pen), and for the scousers, Rosenthal & Speedie.

Just remembered I've got the goals from the match on mpg, so I had a look and the above is correct.

The scoring went Dixon, Wise, Speedie, Rosenthal, Dixon, Durie. I'm pretty sure the goals are on a DVD I sent you some time ago, Loz?

Wasn't that the season where, after this game the scousers played Arse at Anfield for the title and lost?

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You could always mail Kerry at Chelsea tv and ask the man himself, he'll probably claim all four but it's an option. That's if you doubt the Bexhill Basher's info above (sorry Steve couldn't help myself)

That should read Bexhill Basher (Retired) - git! :Whistle:

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