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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Marchena blatently handballs in the area and not a single official seen it, the Madrid players go crazy and then they use video technology to confirm the penalty,play went on for like half a minute after handball....

Sure it's fair they got there penalty, Reyes(who is outstanding at the moment) got brought down for a blatent penalty 30 seconds before valencia scored and why didnt they use technology for that? Refs and FIFA are so inconsistant. Fact is if the ref didnt see it then they shouldnt of got the pen.

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i know its hard to believe but the refs in spain are much worse than in england lol. it was the correct decision in the end but do you see tye 4th official consult a screen? i didn't...

agree about reyes, he is outstanding atm. just breezes past players like they're not there

i love watching athletico play, never a dull moment

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I watch a few la liga games a week, and I dont think that the standard of reffing in Spain is lower than in England.

I am so sick of the dogmatic adherance to relying on human eyes for everything. Using the fourth official and whatever aids he has should be a matter of common sense, and shouldnt be regarded as so damn controversial.

I have said it before and I will say it again: In a world where every game has potentially huge financial consequences, it is an abdication of responsibility by FIFA to go on about the financial health of the game, and then to put all the weight for huge decisions on the shoulders of one fallible individual, and three assistants that a far away. How they can cling to this purists view of how the game should be officiated, when the entire game and everything about it is different today than in the past, is baffling and indicative of their stupidity and/or corruption.

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We've been using video replay to assist refs in NA for years and years and guess what....no complaints! You wont find a single person who will claim it ruined the game, quite the opposite. You will find 100% (or maybe 99.9%) of the fans/athletes/ref/management etc etc LOVE it.

Here are the 2 "official stances" against it, and why theya re stupid.

1) It will ruin the flow of the game!

Ya, and 10 players mugging the ref doesnt?

Ambigous situation occurs?

Either the play stops, at which point you see 2-3min of whinning and pleading/anger from players to ref before play starts again....OR

Play continues, 5th/video official checks the video AND if there was a missed/incorrect call, he notified the ref immediatley via earpeice and he stops the play and calls it back. Now this is only used for big things like goals, penalties, um maybe corners as they are quick and easy to correct and could lead to something vital...you get the point. Now this 5th official will coordinate with a video review team at the FA headquarterswhich so the proccess should take 60 seconds at most!

Hell, it even worked in the Olympics when a Canadian Dman (Weber) shot the puck so hard it went in the net and thru the netting, appearing to of not even scored as the puck was behind the net and not in it. However, thanks to Video Replay usage, the missed goal was spotted and correctly implemented without disrupting the game at all....and trust me, hockey moves a LOT faster than football!

2) Video evidence isnt always conclusive.


When video usage is deemed inconclusive (and you can set a time limit like 2 minutes or so, just to ensure minimal stoppage time) you simply go with the decision of the ref at the time!

The rule over here is exactly that, video evidence has to be conclusive or else the officials decision is final. So essientially, we give the ref an extra tool. If it doesnt work, he's in exactly the same situation as he is now. No harm, no foul.

There is no logical reason to prevent the implementation of Video Tech except that it will help point out how incompetent certain refs are.

Oh, and UEFA wont be able to send Overbo to do anymore match fixing...and logically, what else could you use to explain the lack of progress in the worlds most popular/richest sport?

Football should be leading the way here, not fragging its feet in comparision to sports a 10th in size.

Really is a disgusting shame.

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