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revenge against the media, italian stylee

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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]Recently il Giornale (Italian paper) had reported that Juventus striker Amauri has tried to lure Buffon's long term girlfriend to his bed. This ended up into a bloody fight between the two players right in the middle of Juventus training ground.

Amauri and Buffon where furious about it since it was a lie so they contacted Le Iene (italian tv) to plan their revenge for them. They went to confront the Giornale's director and tell him to resign. Unfortunately its in Italian but its really funny and should be implemented in England too.

Le Iene - BUGS: Buffon, Amauri e Alena - Video Mediaset

PS Seredova is Buffon's girlfriend while the other two people are Le Iene journalists

Start it in 8.15 min

Director "You know, that Buffon and the Seredova had been together for years. Now two weeks ago, Buffon and Amauri had ended up into a big fight in the boot room. It was so fierce that Bettega had to intervene. Ms Seredove really likes Amauri. Buffon didn't liked it at all

Buffon and Amauri comes in

Buffon "Good Evening" shakes his hand

Amauri "Hi" shakes his hand

Buffon "Well done director"

Director "Why?"

Buffon "You know why. I have a question. You are a well respected person "

Director "From what you have written on the papers you have said that the paper is full of sh*te. "

Buffon "Yes it is, at least from the rubbish you write"

Director "It wasn't me who had wrote the news"

Buffon "aren't you the director"

Director "yes"

Buffon "When you write these news don't you think that you are hurting families with them? Don't you think that my children and Amauri's children weren't hurt by those lies? Don't you think that there is the possibility that my son will be bullied at school because of it? I mean you have said that Amauri and I had ended up fighting and Bettega had to stop us. The reason being that Amauri had tried to lure my girlfiend to bed. Where the hell had this happened? In Star wars maybe?"

Director " I make you another question?"

Buffon "Are you on drugs to say such sh*t things?"

Director "Im too old for that"

Buffon "I hope so. Because at the end of the day.."

Amauri steps in "You don't use it here but in the newspaper you seem to is it regularly."

Director "It had arrived a telephone call to our newspaper who told us the story. Come on guys why would had anyone invented such story?"

Buffon "Oh comeon. Since I arrived at Juventus I've been called gay. Then Seredova left my house, then I had problems with Seredova and only the birth of my child had kept us together. Then there is this story with Amauri. As long as they are rumours I don't give a feck. I give a feck when the rumours end up o na respected paper like yours. How dare you give in to such lies without not even checking if they are true? When I see these things I feel that Im living in a country which is not mine. And who was the Juventus contact that had told you these lies? Don't hide under this 'Juventus contact' sh*te! This is not how the world works. In life you need respect!

Amauri " I agree with Buffon. I stay away from the lime light. Every goal I score I dedicate it to my wife. Don't you think that you have hurt me with your lies?

Director "the news is not a lie. It was written by Fossatti who is a good journalist. Now don't ask me to reveal the names. I wont do it"

Seredova steps in

Seredova steps in "good evening"

Seredova "you lied about it"

Director "Im sorry. Now things are getting even worse for me"

Seredova "You don't know what it means for a woman to have a young child and end up reading this rubbish. You are sh*te. Now either you give me the name of the person who lied about us or else resign. I can't accept anyone writing sh*te like this based on just a anaymous call. You don't deserve to be called journalist"

Director "The call was made by a person who works at Juve"

Buffon "tell us the names"

Director "Ill do my best to get it for you. They had used use us to hurt you"

Amauri "Call now"

Director moans

Buffon "this is unacceptable"

Buffon "Anyway Work with your conciense"

got this of a manc site so its a bit rough but funny as hell.

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Exactyl the effects on wife and children as a I was descrining in another oh so recent scandal, which someone on her swore up and down would not affect the lives of the targets wife and children. hilarious.

Take them to court and sue them for libel/slander.

Why waste your time reasoning with this scum... like they even know what dignity or respect are.

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