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Ticket for Roger Waters The Wall Live - 12th May at London's O2 Arena


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Hi folks,

For personal reasons I can't make the Roger Waters gig in 11 days time - somewhat gutted.

I have put the ticket on ebay at less than face value as I really need to just get back some of the money I spent on it (£90 in total including admin fee)


However if anyone on here is interested I would be much happier to let it go to a forum regular rather than to some stranger via ebay. Let me know if you are interested.



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Wait, what?

He's more than a little mad. He rang me at 8am on Monday to tell me Bin Laden was dead, and at that point he spontaneously decided to go to New York due to what I assume is a desire to experience a historic part of American zeitgeist.

While there is a humorous side to this, he (and as a direct consequence, I) have left Loz in the lurch over this, and for that I'm truly sorry. It's one thing for a massive Floyd fan to have his chance of seeing Roger Waters taken away, but another thing for a pair of idiot students to mess him around over the ticket.

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My parents went to this last night and apparantley Dave Gilmour joined them on stage for Comfortably Numb

Your parents played Comfortably Numb with Dave Gilmour? :penqUIn:

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