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how to beat the mancs


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we know we can beat em...............and so do they. we won't be overawed at all and we have decent ref to (hopefully) ensure no daft decisions - such as sendings off!

pretty sure they'll play 4411 as in the CL and sit deepish and break quickly, so we have to be a little cagey cos if they get a goal ahed it will be tough to win. I hope carlo goes 433 cos that suits us best, with playrs on the bench who can change it if we need it

has to be drogs, kalou & malouda so we can play progressively and attack their flanks - right back especially

midfield lamps, essie & mikel sitting

ivan at right back

I like ramires a lot but in this game he cold get 2 bookings again and off, so could luiz so hope he is careful

carlo decent coach so probably pull a surprise

any wn will do - daft as it souns I am going 3-1

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I think I'd rather see Ramires than Essien in midfield. Man U have Park/Fletcher in midfield who will just run their socks off all game, Ramires is probably the only player we have at the moment that can do it consistently. Work horses win games.

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I do find that Harry Enfield clip hilarious :D

Its class isnt it. Love the name "Charles 'charlie' Charles", used to play with a bloke called Charlie who got that nickname as soon as the sketch was shown. So much so that we glued a few footballs to his boots :laugh2: watching him run round the pitch with them was one of the funniest things ive ever seen before a game. Even the ref was pissing himself.

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