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Blackburn vs Chelsea-- Predict the score?


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Well I'm new here and I thought I'd start by posting a predict the score thread. I'll try do this as often ad I can for all the games...

Let's see what people think...

Personally I think 3-1. Torres twice and la pard for the third. I say this cause blackburns defense has been shocking. Not that Chelseas defense has been good but I think we will show some solidarity and Terry will wanna prove something after the recent BS. Also he seems to play good when drama and controversy comes into play... Well see what happens..

So people what are ur thoughts and predict the score

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1-0 Lampard.

Torres will miss a sitter.

I hate you sometimes, I was gonna do exactly the same thing and find you've best me to it. Goddam you, goddam you to hell (or hull, both are horrible)

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Have you even watched the last 2 games??? Where he's made fantastic runs only to not get the ball!!

Yer I've watched every game this season!! For the money spent he's been really poor... Plus Sturridge played really well through the centre. I honestly think he made a real claim that game

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