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  1. eimreidin

    Little Fekir

    Had never heard of him before, crazy stats this season! https://www.whoscored.com/Players/239872/Show/Nicolas-Pepe
  2. eimreidin

    Christian Pulisic

    Money doesn't come from shirt sales, that is correct. But the US is an rapidly growing market in football (or soccer) and since Chelsea is more and more run as an organization I would really understand the move. Also, Pulisic has a contract with Nike, and as Nike is an American company I could see that Pulisic + Chelsea + Nike could be a partnership that will be pushed in the US. That could grow Chelsea's fan base enormously because this is a rather unspoiled marketing area. In addition, he seems to have quality! However comparing him to Hazard at this moment is unfair, he's nowhere near him at this moment.
  3. eimreidin

    Random Rumours

    Possibly one of the players I'd prefer most in todays market - imagine him costing ~£60m but Dembele ~£135m last year. He's a natural right winger, already has experience in one of the biggest leagues in Europe and the Champions League and is only 19. Could (and I think would) become a Chelsea star.
  4. eimreidin

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Interesting tweet from the official Chelsea account, "...geezer.."
  5. eimreidin

    Random Rumours

    Caughtoffside loves creating new rumours without any evidence, but I believe that this is exactly the player we need. He has also generally played really good against us.
  6. eimreidin

    Random Rumours

    Today I read about that we are looking to bring this Italian fella in, Sebastian Giovinco. He has had a really impressive start in the "non-scoring" Serie A, 6 games 5 goals and he's a midfielder. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/player/_/id/104336/sebastian-giovinco?cc=5739
  7. eimreidin

    Random Rumours

    So ridiculously talented!
  8. eimreidin

    Random Rumours

    Soccernews.com (this is all around) For €6 million I think every top team in Europe should try to get him. I can't paste a link but I recommend that you read this article from soccernews. His coach has even said that they can't do anything about it if a top European team will try to get him.
  9. eimreidin

    Random Rumours

    He has been one of the best midfielder in the Bundesliga this year. Only 22 and has been playing in the Bundesliga since 2005. People in Germany say he would be a starter for the German national team if he wouldn't have played with Turkey. I say go and get him Roman! (especially if his clause is true) And yeah, a friend of mine from Germany told me that Real Madrid were chasing him as well.
  10. Welcome to The Shed End eimreidin :)