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FA Cup 3rd Round Draw


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This has always been my favourite competition. Probably because it was the first thing I ever saw us win and still holds a lot of sentiment and always will.

Anyone got any preferences? Home? Away? Teams you'd want to play/avoid?

I wouldn't mind one of the Sheffield Clubs away (if they progress) or Pikey's (West Ham), would be brilliant taking 6,000 there.

An away game will do me fine anyway, preferably not to the likes of Burnley, Hull, Middlesbrough and other Northern pikey towns.

We all know Man U will be at home and televised as per in the FA Cup so hopefully that means we aren't

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It's a shame how it's been devalued ever since ManU decided to opt out to play in Dubai (or wherever it was). It is (or was) the greatest cup competition in the world. I don't get that feeling I used to get as a wee lad. The coverage nowadays is poor. it's meaning has diminished to me. Which is sad.

I used to love watching the Beeb and ITV battle it out on Cup final day. Right from 7-8am they'd cover both teams preparations from their respective hotels, have celebrity fans and ex-players talking and larking about. There was Saint n Greavsie on ITV up against Frank Bough, David Coleman, Motty and Des Lynam on the Beeb. :bow:

Aye, them were t'days.. ::HeAdS:::

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