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Amazon ad issue on my phone

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This may or may not be a problem with my device, but thought its worth flagging.

When I view the forum in the site full version on my S2 the amazon ad seems to expand the target area all over the forum. The ad itself stays in its proper place at the top, but the link target area seems to have expanded itself all over the forum.

For example, if I am holding the phone in landscape and try to click the like a post button, evem as far as half way down, but miss the button slightly, it will activate the amazon ad and open it in another window.

I have done it by accident more than 10 times already in the past day.

Anyone else have this issue?

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People, get Tapatalk. It isnt free on Android market, but its free in SamsungApps, so get it from there Zola. Or just try a diff browser, like Opera Mobile/Boat

Will download tapatalk now mate

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It is a problem if you are viewing the full site on a phone or tablet. I agree that the solution on the phone is to use the mobile site or tapatalk. I do find though that if I chose the mobile site on my phone then I get the mobile view on my computer the next time I log in.

On a tablet it is a monumental pita. With the larger screen I prefer to view the full site because it allows me to perform some moderating tasks which I can't do in tapatalk or when in mobile layout. The amazon issue is quite frustrating.

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