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Sparta and Chelsea relation?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Heya mates,

there are some rumours in Holland that Sparta Rotterdam and Chelsea might want to start a some sort of cooperation. It's great that my 2 favourite clubs might want to work together. Let me explain it.

A year ago Sparta youth played the Chelsea reserve squad. It ended in a draw but some of the youth coaches were impressed with our youngsters. Now last match against Wigan whole of the Sparta selection were watching the game and they had a meet and greet with Robben(which explains his absolute stormer) and Boulahrouz.

Now by the looks of it, it seems that there might be some youngsters being loaned out to Sparta. Now that might seems a bit strange because of your cooperation with PSV. I think that it might be good for players like Mancienne to gain experience in a club with a little less expectations and where the pressure isnt that high. And I think that the Eredivisie is a better place to develope than the Championship is.

What are your thoughts on this and which youngsters might be a surplus to our squad?

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Excellent idea IMO.

You're right that Eredivisie is a better place for a youngster to show what they are capable of.

Quite a lot of today's stars have seen their first games of flair in the low lands. Just off the top of my head: Ronaldo, v Nistelroy, van der Vaart, Robben, etc. Oh, and who can forget Bogarde icon_lol.gif

Think it can truly be a wonderful starting point for some international youngsters, like Sahar, Mancienne or Morrais. The English ones can stay home, Championshiip or not.

Besides, a team with the aspirations of PSV can't always afford to play any youngster. Sparta might be better in that respect.

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Some famous who played for Sparta:

Dick Advocaat

Gregg Berhalter

Jan van Beveren

Danny Blind

Regi Blinker

Winston Bogarde

Nourdin Boukhari

Pim Doesburg

Darren Ferguson(son of)

Louis van Gaal

Ed de Goeij

Glenn Helder

Kew Jaliens

Danny Koevermans

Ole Madsen (first Danish player in Eredivisie)

Adri van Tiggelen

Pim Verbeek(current South-Korea coach)

John de Wolf

Some of them you may have never heard of but some very good players in there. We are also the team that relegated in 2001 because of the twat Rijkaard. He managed to relegate with our team for the first time in our excistence(since 1888). I despise him for that.

We had our greates successes with the english coach Denis Neville which is still the name of one of our stands.

Time to re-invent our english tradition.

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