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Scott?s sleuthing of Jose?s post Reading match interview (many thanks, it serves to confirm a well founded opinion of the man) has set me thinking about the whole question of paranoia and the Media approach to Chelsea under Roman Abramovich. The accusation levelled against Jose in the most distressing of situations was perhaps the earliest example this season of a reporter playing the paranoia card against us and it has been followed, on numerous occasions, with the dismissive ?you must expect this sort of Press coverage in your position [and not be paranoid]? attitude whenever we bridle at journalistic buffoonery.

The idea that we are there to ?be shot at? whatever the incident, however scurrilous the story, is a constant cry of journalists, many of whom have appeared on Chelsea?s own ?Paper View? TV show to stress that very sentiment. The paranoid complainants in the blue corner have lost count of the number of times Chelsea are told that the criticism goes with the territory, but just imagine, how the events of the last few days would have been reported on if Ferguson and his team were subjected to similar vitriol?.

United To Fail Again? - by Patrick Collins (Daily Mail)

?Without a Premiership to his name since declaring his intention to continue in management, the bellicose Knighted One looked shattered as Arsene Wenger?s brave boys deservedly snatched a late winner in this crucial contest. Just what the moneybags Glaser family thought of it all nobody knows and, in view of their absence over the Pond, how many of them actually care? Put in the bluntest of terms, this defeat is a clear indication that all is not well in an ageing midfield, marshalled by a manager who looked destined for retirement himself not so long ago.

Should the alarming slide continue and the title bid amount to nothing, the smart money is on Christiano Ronaldo going to Real Madrid in the summer and who could blame him in these circumstances? Little wonder Ferguson pleads for a Yankee panic buy of Owen Hargreaves at ?27 million, which is the latest figure being quoted by sources close to the club. That ain?t no hill of beans when converted into grubby greenbacks and you can bet your mortgaged stadium that Wayne Rooney will be on his way soon in an effort to balance the books. A close friend of Colleen has revealed the shopaholic's wish to lower the tone at Harrods next summer and the goal shy Wonder Boy is already being linked with a cut price move to Tottenham, if the cupboard is bare once again at the end of this season.

Meanwhile Chelsea lie in wait, despite Saturday?s blip against Liverpool, and the wily Jose Mourinho, with the experience of back to back titles behind him, already knows that his team can reduce the gap still further due to a far more favourable run-in of fixtures. How Ferguson must rue the fact that he let the brilliant John Mikel slip through his fingers, although sources close to the Lyn Oslo camp maintain that his efforts to prise the young man from Chelsea?s grasp were little more than token and designed purely to gain some financial compensation from a benevolent Stamford Bridge owner.?

See how easy it could be if only hacks like Collins were prepared to take those blinkers off occasionally and were not so obsessive when it comes to writing about the Blues. Hang on a minute - isn?t obsession another word for paranoia? - nah, can?t be.

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An excellent example of what any journo is capable of when trying to pry for the right spin on a club's situation, Dorset.

All it does is re-affirm how important it is that we all ignore such tripe, and stick together.

I wonder. If Chelsea were to go on the baron spell, that United have over the past few years concerning trophies, then would we suddenly become the 'Good Guys' again?

I doubt it.

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