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ticket price comparison


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Hello Chaps,


I'm writing an article about the cost of watching football in this country and would be really grateful for your opinions.


The cheapest Premier League ticket costs, on average, £28 and I know Chelsea's are significantly higher than this. The cheapest tickets in the Blue Square Bet Premier (England's fifth tier) average £14.


Compare this to the cheapest tickets in the German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1, which average about £10.


Wages in the three countries are similar. This isn't like comparing England with Brazil, or even Spain.


What are your feelings about this? Do you think that the Premier League is a superior "product"? Why do you think attendances are so high considering the prices charged?


I'm particularly keen to hear from lads (and lasses) who have been going to Stamford Bridge since before the formation of the Premier League. Do many of the fans that you used to attend games with still go? Also, have you noticed a change in the type of people who attend Chelsea games?


I'd really appreciate your take on this. In the meantime, all the very best for the remainder of the season.







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I only go to about 7-10 games per season now, and the majority of those would be in cup competitions because the prices are cheaper.


When I was a kid I used to go week in week out, back then I only spent about £5.00 all day, including getting the train & something to eat.


These days I refuse to buy a programme, why pay for a book of adverts? I would never eat in the ground either, the food is disgusting and way overpriced, but now the average cost of a game for me is £80 including train, ticket, a couple of drinks & something to eat either on the way to or the way home.


I think football fans are starting to rebel against these prices though.


The 1 thing I do commend Chelsea on is keeping caup price tickets low, so that people can take their kids.

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Wages in France and Germany are not similar to those in the Prem. Maybe the very top players at Bayern earn big money but the Prem offers far higher wages in general, apart from PSG I guess, who are the new kids on the block, in terms of money.


I was there before the advent of the Prem. I have never been a regular but I go to a few games each season and the odd away. Many many of my friends have been priced out, which is really sad as they are passionate Chelsea fans. As for the type of person that now attends, massive change, probably more so at Chelsea than any other club. SB is far too gentrified for my liking and it lacks passion, except for the odd occasion.

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Actually that's not necessarily true. Only a small portion of ticket revenue goes towards the club's major expenses, such as player wages and transfers. Ticket revenue is more aligned with matchday costs. Only if a profit is made on matchday would any of that ticket money go towards anything else.

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Isn't it the same for any good or service purchased in this country? Britain has always been overpriced, and I think it's down to greed - pure and simple.


I can only attend a couple of games a season, always mid-week cup games, because the ticket + travel + food & drink comes to about £75 a pop.


I think there is also a problem with some of the bigger clubs of lots of tourists going to see matches whilst they're here on holiday, willing to pay the high prices for a one-off experience.


And why would it ever change? Stamford Bridge is nearly always at capacity with the current prices. Like I said - GREED.

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read an article yesterday that said that premier league clubs could, on average, reduce ticket prices by 32 pound given new and incoming tv fees

But they wont because well, why would they?


If they get the attendance they currently do based on the prices they currently have then why change it? the only way you will get change is if there is a mass protest and abandonment of games until they are reduced which again I cant see happening. Its business 101 and its not comparable to pretty much any other business because if Samsung and Sony find themselves with new sponsers one might drop their prices to influence custom from the other then the other responds ect which is how prices drop, as a fan you wont go to the Emirates because prices are lower there.

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I'm taking my son to the Europa Lge match at anfield a week on Thursday. £5 for him and £40 for me in the family stand. Adult tickets have gone from £20 for the other rounds/groups to £37.50 for other stands.

As for PL games, it's a joke the way you get treated at away grounds. Arsenal were charging £65 the other week for us, but the stoke fans were charged around £38 a couple of weeks earlier. Mass walkouts of live games would be a good way to get your message over but can't see it ever happening.

As long as someone is willing to pay the prices, the clubs will continue to screw the fans. Our season tickets have seen a phenomenal rate of inflation since I first got one in '88 for about £60, now £725 in the kop. Just can't see it changing. Although I've got a mate whose a city fan paying around £450 for his season ticket. Figure that one out.

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There's not a team in the world that would charge £100 per ticket if the thought the fans would accept it. That's all that has happened in England. The old fans will still support their team but new, wealthier fans will to to the games.

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