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West Hame game moved?


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Is there a match thread for this?


FFS it's not even on TV? I'm stuck in London on Sunday on my own whilst my girlfriend is on a course - I was hoping to get a ticket, but sold out... no worries, I'll find a pub near her course and watch the footy all day, and what's on TV?


Sunderland v Norwich City

Wigan Athletic v Newcastle United



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Sorry Blize - I don't know - There's something on the CFC web site where you buy tickets that says about it.  Maybe call the club and ask someone (without giving out the ticket details or they might look out for you).


Maybe someone else has an idea about how to get round it

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Thanks for the heads up on this yorkley - just phoned the club, they said I wouldn't be allowed in on my own - but that makes absolutely no sense as they sold a single ticket to Mike! Argh.


Can I just say thanks to Mike also for being really helpful in trying to figure out what the situation is with the ticket, top bloke - sorry for messing you about

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Thanks for pointing that out YORKLEY..It has been checked and poor Blize wouldnt have got in...Ive spoken to Blize(nice lad) and apologised for letting him down as i wasnt aware of this ...Ill give it to a kid on the day as im in the shed now....I am going to speak to cfc who sold me the origional as a single thanks again.....

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as i type im on the phone to adam at cfc........yes we can sell them individually...........no you cant get in without a child............why did you sell me a single............we can do that ...........but you wont get in.........Well i have a shed one .....Oh good grief...Well done Adam at cfc...Spoke to a super and if i get to the box office at 10am on sun the man GRANT will exchange my crap ticket for a matt harding lower at an extra cost of 11 squid...Spoke to Blize .. Now were all happy bunnies...Thanks for caring ADAM and CFC..Ill have an extra 4 pints to celebrate....PS WE HATE TOTTENHAM

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