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The Liquidator


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d by the first paragraph of the liner notes for "Liquidator - The Best of the Harry J All Stars". It says: "Way back in 1969, supporters of the Chelsea football team revered players such as Bonetti, Osgood and Hollins. The boys performed under the watchful eye of manager Dave Sexton to the tune of Harry J & All Stars chartbuster, 'Liquidator'. The track is played by Chelsea before home games, whilst fans clap the players on to the pitch.[4] It was stopped at Wolves and West Brom at the request of West Midlands Police as it promoted hooliganism, although it was played by West Bromwich Albion in their match against Cardiff City towards the end of the 2013-2014 season, at the start of the match prompting Wolves fans to call for a return of the song to Molineux.[4][5]


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11 minutes ago, Beerqueen said:

This rings a vague bell - but why on earth was it banned?  It hardly seems a reactionary song?

According to this it's because:

21 November, 2002
"Dear Sir Jack
re: The 'Liquidator'
I am aware that my predecessor - Chief Superintendent Roger Alien - took issue with the playing of the'Liquidator'. I am sorry that the playing of the tune has resurrected itself and the foul language which is associated with it. I am certainly not a prude, but people do take exception to several thousand supporters screaming "F*** o** West Brom" at the top of their voices.
This Season we have seen the arrival of particularly nasty supporters under the name of 'Young Wolves'.That is why we are having to police every match. Even after the victory against Coventry City, they came back to the City Centre and caused mayhem. I am happy with the support that we are receiving from the Club in tackling the problems. Anything we can do to reduce tension at matches must be beneficial. I am
aware of letters to supporters, notices and messages on a web site appealing to supporters to not swear.The philosophy of the Football League is to 'clean up the anti-social behaviour associated with the game.'The playing of the 'Liquidator' undermines all of this; in fact, in my opinion it is sheer hypocrisy.
I feel it sad that with all the serious crime in Wolverhampton, I have to spend time composing a letter requesting that the record is not played at football matches. I really do have better things to do with my time. My understanding of the situation is that they play it at West Bromwich so why shouldn't we play it at
Wolverhampton Wanderers? My colleague, Chief Superintendent Gilbert, from West Bromwich will write to the Chairman of West Bromwich Albion Football Club requesting that they do not play it.
You have received 100% co-operation from myself in respect of policing over a number-of years, e.g. reducing charges wherever possible. The relationship between us has always been cordial. I therefore ask that the 'Liquidator' is no longer played. This is important, in order to reduce tension. The intelligence associated with the match to be played against Nottingham Forest on Saturday, clearly indicates that some form of
confrontation is planned between the 'yobs' that associate themselves with respectable Football Clubs.
Should you wish, I am more than happy to discuss the rationale with you personally as opposed to the rather impersonal medium of a letter.
Yours sincerely,

John Colston
Chief Superintendent

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50 minutes ago, Beerqueen said:

Oh diddums!  They object to "f**k off"?  What is the world coming to?  

Agreed, it seems like they were making a misguided attempt to address a symptom of the apparent problem of the 'Young Wolves' rather than the problem itself.

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