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  1. I think this is a top to match the range that Nike have out at the mega store. You can buy trainers like this and part with over 100£!!
  2. I think Winston Bogarde thought he was our number 4 left back for five years!!
  3. Good luck to him. Hard to be a number 3 goalkeeper. You train all week, travel home and away do the warm up and then sit in the stand and watch the game. Having to keep focus in case of injury or illness on day of the game.
  4. 2 minutes of old games about Chelsea and still all city on BT
  5. Well done Zeta thanks for your hard work welldone Erksblue for winning and to those who finished in the champions league places!!!
  6. I think 7th place will get a spot as Man City won the league Cup. I’m sure there is still a spot for that trophy.
  7. Chelsea in the seats above the side paddock. I was in the corner terrace getting soaked. Chelsea were singing “ If we lose we’ll wreck your ground, Bolton Bolton! They went Arrrrrrrgh!!! Then some seats started to fly!!
  8. You could open the door and Have E T appear or a spaceship!!
  9. The players get tested 2/3 times a week so may not have to isolate as long. Players coming back from India playing cricket are isolating less time as long as they have two negative tests
  10. Chance to stop the cross then two Aerial challenges lost before the strike on goal, got to defend better
  11. Too slow with moving the ball making it easier for Brighton to reset and defend
  12. Making these changes to rest players, yet we look more tired than if we had kept the same side!!
  13. Great to see people down at Fulham Rd shaking hands between Liverpool United Everton Brighton and others. would be interesting to know when the club did the u turn. How much was down to the fan’s response around the country?
  14. Haven’t read every post but tried to find if the Pitch Owners had said anything yet. What are the stipulations for playing at the ground or using the name if we get kicked out of the competitions the agreement was set up for?
  15. This league will not be followed by match day fans anymore. How do you stay interested if you can’t afford at least half the games! It will be more corporate. I bet the away season ticket scheme will be interesting. You can put down your house and we will take equal monthly payments before making you homeless!! Home games will have hardly any away fans. Tickets will be unbelievably expensive. I can see one plus, the dippers won’t be able to sing we ain’t got no history as we will all start from scratch!!
  16. Yes Bluehaze. My Mum worked in Beckenham, so Palace are classed as the local team and they were Admiral. The local glory hunters were Liverpool so they stocked that. To be fair from 77-82? the dippers had the same kit apart from when Hitachi appeared on their shirts was the same so keeping stock wasn’t a problem. your right though, it was quicker to buy from the cabin at the bridge or the shop down by the tube for anything Chelsea.
  17. Can’t believe the women that worked there had a say in how the kits looked! 1977/78 seemed to be the start of what we know today. There is footage of teams with the kit logo but know club badge Adidas were like that with Boro and qpr. My first Chelsea shirt was a cotton long sleeve shirt with a badge stitched on and a white number 9 sewn on the back
  18. Sorry that was what I meant with the Umbro retro shirt, it was made by Umbro because they were back making the current kit. The original shirt can be made at anytime by the manufacturer, but not by the club or eg Toffs
  19. I think the personal issue with Courtois and his girlfriend had something to do with the issue
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