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  1. Great win. Strange reaction by some at halftime, agree we weren’t at our best but still went in at 0-0 with time to change things. Best line on Sky was Gary Neville late in the game when they showed the home end emptying quickly. “ That end is called the wall, there’s more than a few bricks missing!!!”
  2. Slow start but feel we will start to manage the game better
  3. Just a thought after the tackle on Alonso on Saturday. If he had damaged his ankle more, does it then make it a foul? just seen a tackle in the Everton vs Burnley similar to the scouse kid, no foul. interesting how they are deciding a fair or unfair tackle.
  4. Went for Mendy but watching live, Silva talking and positioning and decision making was excellent. Don’t need an armband to be a leader.
  5. Great performance, clean handling when making the saves. Kept us in it at 1-0
  6. Great result and a reasonable performance. Made hard work of it when we gave away the ball also out of possession took time to win it back. A couple of times this resulted in good chances for Villa. like others have said Chalobah and CHO can’t play together at present. Sorry to say that CHO played in two positions and wasn’t good at either. was sitting behind Kova’s run for the first goal and the tv angles don't show how good the dummy he throw before moving forward with the ball was class. The back three were great and Silva didn’t make me feel nervous at all. His reading of the game and positioning is superb.
  7. Don’t remember the extra tickets before the final. Just remember the original queues for tickets! regarding another cup final. What year was the problem with tickets, can’t remember the exact issue but it caused issues with fans singing during a home game? Especially those in the MHL.
  8. For those interested on finances of loans and the history of players. I came across https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ Type in players name and see what their time away from Chelsea has resulted.
  9. George Anstiss on the mower was head groundsman. His son John took over I think until a few years ago
  10. I’m confused as Hugh Hastings says it’s at Stamford Bridge. Looks to me like the steps up to the white wall.
  11. Dippers being accused of homophobic language again by small section of crowd!! It was all round the ground when Mount took a corner in the first half. Nothing mentioned on sky’s live broadcast. Not their fault though!!
  12. Disappointed with Lukakus body language second half looks leggy as well
  13. It’s great the gooners are telling Reece the score!!!!
  14. Pizzaro and Di Santo could also be on the list
  15. Teams tweak formations all the time, depending on how the game is going. One example is the 4 3 3 quickly becomes 4 5 1 These things are worked on the training ground and sometimes fans don’t see the subtle changes in formation.
  16. Chelsea: Kepa, Zappacosta, Thiago Silva, Zouma, James, Chilwell, Emerson, Ampadu, Barkley, Hudson-Odoi, Batshuayi. played the whole 90 minutes with no subs. Interesting the players that didn’t minutes still on the books.
  17. The starting 11 played well last week at the bridge. Hope a lot get 90 minutes tonight as they need that in the tank before the Palace game.
  18. The winner scored by a great guy. Won a car from the sponsor for man of the match!
  19. Enjoy tonight!! Let me know if you’re thinking of coming to the bridge this season
  20. As people have already said the loan fees do help and in most cases the top clubs do take over 100 % of the wages. championship clubs can’t afford 100% of wages, but they give young players the chance to show what they can do. I think that evens out the money side of things.
  21. I think we should use some of them for training walls for free kicks instead of manikins!!
  22. The general enquiries line and ticket line are closed at the moment!! Shame they don’t state it on the recorded message. Have emailed the club, but won’t hold my breath for the hem to up date message.
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