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Still tickets available for cup semi

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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8000 Chelsea tickets unsold

Good to see the FA missing the point entirely

"We want to make these occasions accessible to the fans. We feel the ticket prices are fair, and are appropriate to staging a big semi-final."

if you want to make it accessible to all fans then why is it a 1600 kick off on a Sunday when one of the sets of fans has to travel up from London for the match whilst the other set are only a 40 mile journey away?

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I went to the semi last year with my son (14) and it was a) very expensive and :getmycoat: an overall unpleasant experience.

There was no realistic way to get home after the match so we had to stay in Manchester. After adding the cost of two tickets to the train journey there and back and the hotel and food I don't think I saw much change from ?400.

Getting away from the ground was also a nightmare. Half the ground was being forced over a narrow footbridge which caused huge congestion. It's the first time I have felt really apprehensive about being in a big crowd. It was definitely an accident waiting to happen. Even when we did clear the ground, there were around 70,000 people all trying to get on the Metro back to Manchester City Centre or on to about 5 buses that were waiting.

My son can't come this year and I don't really feel like going up on my own. I'm hoping we will win and I can go to the final at Wembley and hopefully to Athens as well.

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I was up at the Bridge yesterday and brought some extra tickets. I asked the guy at the sales window how they were going and he told me there was still plenty available. I can't say I am at all suprised. I am running a 17 seater mini-bus to the game for precisely the reasons ES has highlighted above. It will be a nightmare getting back, no-one wants to drive up, (in your own motor and not have a drink? Yeah, right!), and none of us wanted to stay over again this year. Especially as a few of us have been out to Valencia this week. Plus, if you go on the ManUre website and look at their seating plan and ticket costs, you will see how much the FA have hiked-up the prices. Making us travel all that way for a 4.00pm Sunday kick-off and then rip us off for the tickets as well. It's farking scandolous if you ask me.

And don't give me the ManU are the only team to have sold their allocation malarky. It's all a question of money and travel, as anyone who was at Villa Park for the semi in '96 will tell you. United failed to sell all their tickets for that one, while we didn't have a spare seat left over.

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