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Rating our last two windows


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As we are drawing to the end of the season, i got to thinking about this.  I'd appreciate people's opinions on our last two windows and the players we've added to the squad.  I'll probably miss someone, so expect this to be somewhat fluid

Willy Caballero: Solid back up and been decent when called upon.  Succesful

Rudiger:  Athletic if a little inconsistent, but i think will develop into a good player for us if given the time: Success

Emerson: Solid enough from what I've seen, and done well when replacing Alonso: Developing

Zappacosta: kind of underwhelming and being kept out by an at times frustrating Moses. However, I think he's better than anything Yout Team we had options on: Developing

Bakayoko: Undoubtedly an athlete, but looks lost, and often his second touch is a tackle.  Think he struggled with the premiership, injury, recovery, and the system.  But, he's looked better lately: Developing/Borderline Failure

Drinkwater: Overpriced, and taking up a spot on the bench i'd much rather we'd given to a Youth Prospect: Failure

Barkley: See Drinkwater.  Injured, hardly played, and spot should have been given to a Youth prospect: Failure

Giroud: I think we did well here.  Great impact player, but can lead the line well.  Has good understanding, although still developing, with Hazard and Morata.  Can hold play up or partner: Success

Morata:  Injured, gutless at times, but shows moments of brilliance.  I think the new league and being relied upon as the main striker have somewhat overwhelmed him:  Developing/Borderline Failure.


Thanks for any input.



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1 hour ago, Phillip said:

Sorry, but Bakayoko is an abject failure.  No borderline for him.


all others I generally agree with you.

i gathered that would be the area most would disagree with me.  I think that he looks lost, but I don't think you can look as good as he did for Monaco and then suddenly be this bad.  I thought he played well against Liverpool.  Maybe I'm too generous, but i have hope

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Like                                      Get Rid                                Undecided(Give more time)

Rudiger                                Zappacosta                          Morata

Emerson                               Drinkwater                           Bakayako 

Giroud                                                                             Barkley


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