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Never thought we'd be where we are!

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Hi all. I've been on here for a few weeks now so thought I'd give you a bit of a rundown.  Chelsea fan from the Midlands since 1970 when we won the FA Cup (early glory hunter? It only took 34 years!) Used to go to a lot of away games round the area (Wolves, WBA, Villa etc) back when tickets were easy to come by. To my shame I've only ever managed to get to the Bridge once, v Sunderland back in 2013. Not a great game but just walking up the steps into the stadium was a magical experience. Did manage to get a ticket to the FA Cup semi against Southampton though. Never thought, throughout the 70s, 80s and early 90s that we'd be where we are now. Maybe like a lot of old Blues fans I'm still expecting it to come crashing down. Fave goal?  For me it's gotta be Drogba's headed equaliser against Bayern. The fact that we eventually won made it even better. I watch it back a lot and that ball HAD to go in that gap above Neuer. Sublime. Most nerve wracking game was the 4-4 v Liverpool in the CL. Had to keep walking away from the TV to calm down. Also listening to the 4-4 v Sheffield Wednesday in the League Cup. At half time I switched off vowing never t to listen to a Chelsea game again. Obviously switched back on before the 2nd half to hear a extraordinary 45 minutes which made Canoville a hero.It's always been a rollercoaster with Chelsea. Love em. See you on here soon. Keep The Blue Flag Flying ?




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I can really relate to your post and like you have a fear that it will all come crashing down. Newer fans are definitely more spoilt but they might ague they simply have higher expectations.

I remember a time when I worried Chelsea might go out of existence. Now some fans biggest worry is they won’t win the Premier League.


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