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Top 6 Predictions for 19/20 season

Old Shaggy
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I was sure someone had already created this topic, but I can't find it. So here it goes...

 Let's have your top 6 prediction for the coming season.

Here's mine:

1. Manchester City

2. Liverpool

3. Tottenham

4. Chelsea

5. Manchester United

6. Arsenal

Top two being interchangeable for the moment. They are both probably the two best teams in Europe. Where we finish all depends on how we sort our defence. It could be between us and United for the 4th spot. I can see Arsenal dropping out of the top 6, being replaced by either Wolves or Everton. However, they may have saved it with the signing of Pepe.


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1) M City

2) Liverpool

3) Spurs

4) Arsenal

5) Chelsea

6) M United

I think Arsenal will score a ton, which they'll have to do to overcome their defensive issues.  I think they'll pip us to 4th on GD.   I think there's just a bit too much youth and inexperience in our side, and we will miss Ruben and CHO the first part of the season.  They both carry a threat to opposing defenses that we will miss.    I think Ole will be United's weak link.

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Reckon Spurs will push City all the way, Liverpool seem to have a lost a bit of their mojo if preseason is anything to go by. Arsenal have goals in them. Man Utd nothing special but still have a decent well balanced squad. Everton too look well balanced. Sadly can't see us finishing top 6 without a decent CF and we're still leaking goals. Top 6 will be a bonus but not too fussed where we finish this season, just going to enjoy the ride and get behind Lamps. May change my mind depending on what else happens in the transfer window, but as it stands;

1. Manchester City
2. Tottenham
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
5. Manchester United
6. Everton

7. West Ham
8. Wolves
9. Chelsea
10. Leicester
11. Aston Villa
12. Crystal Palace
13. Newcastle
14. Watford
15. Bournemouth
16. Southampton
17. Burnley

18. Brighton
19. Sheffield United
20. Norwich


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If the current transfer speculation is true, with Spurs making a bid for Coutinho and Eriksen then moving on to United, I would revise my prediction a follows:

1. City

2. Pool

3. Spurs

4. United

5. Chelsea

6. Arsenal

All subject to how the rest of the transfer window pans out of course.

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