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Newcastle - Player Ratings


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So angry at another weekend ruined by a lethargic & inept performance so I'm not going easy on them: 

Kepa 3 Didn't have a lot to do but when called upon he didn't answer. I would be looking for a replacement in the summer

James 7 One of the better performers 

Rudiger 2 So much for the early season "we are missing Rudiger". He was all over the place today and the truth is he ain't all that - we need better.

Christensen 8. Our best player - hardly put a foot wrong but shame he wasn't in the box for the Newcastle winner.

Azpi 5 - average and also part culpable for the goal.

Jorginho 4 - Poor. Not his sort of game - should have come off

Kante - 6 Full of energy and Our best midfielder but that's not saying a lot.

Mount - 4 like all our youngsters, when he's good he's great but when he's bad he is ineffective and today he did little

CHO - 5 He reminds me of myself when I was 19/20. If he starts a game well he gains confidence and bosses games like he did for the academy. But if he has a poor first 20 minutes and he loses the ball and it just ain't happening he gets worse and worse. I used to be like that, you start questioning are you good enough (of course I was - I was f**king great!) but the game ends up passing you by.

Willian 3. Same old same old. CHO we can excuse due to age and inexperience but Willian, it's just what we've come to expect. As I said in match thread, he might wear Hazard's No. 10 shirt but that's where the similarity ends.

Abraham 4. Tried but it wasn't a game he'll want to remember. Love Tammy, but at times he looks like Bambi on ice. We NEED another striker option for when it ain't working.


"70% possession and we done f**k All ......................................"

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Kepa 4 - had little to do, beaten once with the bar saving us, a simple save done right then a simple save that he messed up.

James 7 - Our best player. Really good delivery but badly messed up a good free kick chance.

Christensen 6 - fairly solid. Got the better of Joelinton.

Rudiger 4 - a leader who does not lead well. A professional footballer who cannot pass the ball. Terrible 

Azpi 6 - Solid game. Hit out best shot imo.


Kante 6 - won the ball back various times but also messed up the final ball and wasted one of our best chances

Jorginho 4 - not needed against a low block. Not his fault but his skill set is just useless for games like this.


CHO 5 - did not get involved enough

Mount 5 - good work ethic, poor end product.

Willian 4 - Poor attitude. Poor end product. 


Abraham 5 - a poor game from him. He worked hard but that is all.




Barkley 5 - something different but ineffective 

Emerson 4 - he comes on and we lose. He is a really poor footballer.

Batman 4 - Frank thought he could win us the game. Lol

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