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Chelsea's biggest earner?


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Just spotted that Messi earns £70 million a year just in wages! Does anyone know who the number one earner is for us? I had a quick google and couldn't find a clear answer does anyone know?

Also off the back of this how did wages get so high? I remember my grandad saying when he used to play for luton town back in the 1920's he used to get a packet of fags and a couple of bob and that was it for wages

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On 19/02/2020 at 00:17, FrankTheTank89 said:

That only works out to be about 7.8 million a year. Messi must bring in millions for the club to be paying him that much

One way to judge the financial impact Messi has on barca would be to look at the massive impact Ronaldo has had on Juventus since he joined. 




According to Gazzetta dello Sport, per the Daily Mail, Ronaldo's presence allowed the Italian side to earn €58million extra revenue in the 2018/19 season.

His presence also helped Juventus sell 1.3 million shirts; the 10th most in the world during the 2018/19 financial year.

The club's fanbase is also believed to have grown by 38 million since Ronaldo joined the club.


Juventus now have 423 million supporters across the globe, meaning they have risen from eleventh to eighth in the world rankings.

Juventus' social media followers have also increased dramatically.

Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Juventus has gone from 50.4 million followers in June 2018 to 84.8 million.

That makes the Italian giants the fourth most followed team on social media, behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.


And Ronaldo' signing has also helped in contract renewal negotiations with primary sponsors, such as shirt sponsor Jeep.

The car company has agreed a new deal which will see Juventus triple the money they are generating now from the agreement.






Since Ronaldo fever gripped Juventus, the club’s share price has doubled from €0.69 ($US0.81) on July 3, when credible transfer rumours were first reported across Europe, to €1.57 ($US1.84) at the time of writing – that is an increase of 127% and has raised the club’s market capitalisation to €1.5 billion ($US1.75 billion).

Before Juventus had even completed the $US130 million signing, the club bumped up the average cost of season ticket prices by 30%, according to the FT – and all 29,300 of them are now sold out.

The player’s arrival in July whipped fans into a jersey-buying frenzy as 520,000 shirts were sold in 24 hours – approximately $US62.4 million worth of trade, and that was before he had kicked a ball.


The Italian league generates €1.4 billion ($US1.63 billion) a season from domestic and international broadcasting rights which is a far cry from what the Premier League pulls in (€3.3 billion / $US3.86 billion). But “the global celebrity of Ronaldo is expected to drag fans and corporate groups to Juventus, with higher broadcasting money to follow,” the FT says.

The BBC estimates that TV rights “are now probably worth 20 to 30% more” than they were before Ronaldo joined Serie A, so this means the league could, in theory, negotiate a deal worth €1.82 billion ($US2.12 billion) when the current contracts expire at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

Juventus could also generate €255 million ($US298 million) a season (up from €200 million / $US233 million) providing it performs well in the UEFA Champions League – a tournament it has not won since 1996.

Ronaldo is contracted at Juventus until 2022, so if Juventus enjoyed sustained runs in the competition for each and every year of Ronaldo’s deal, then that alone means a €1.02 billion ($US1.2 billion) fortune from broadcasting rights in Europe’s premier club competition.

It is hoped that Ronaldo’s presence will be the catalyst for greater sponsorship revenue, according to the FT.

The club’s kit is manufactured by sports retail giant Adidas and sponsored by American automobile firm Jeep. The Adidas deal is worth €23 million ($US27 million) a year, according to KPMG, while Jeep pays Juventus approximately €17 million ($US20 million).

The increased sales in Ronaldo jerseys at Juventus will mean the club is in a greater position to negotiate a better contract – something it is already discussing, according to the FT, while the Jeep renewal on improved terms will be struck “in the coming years.”



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