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Sam Allardyce resigns


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It's just been announced that Sam Allardyce has resigned as manager of Bolton Wanderers with immediate effect. Just heard this on the football headlines. Nothing on skysports.com and only the headline on BBC Sport

Update from Sky Sports:


Sam Allardyce has stepped down as manager of Bolton Wanderers.

The 52-year-old took charge at Bolton in 1999 and transformed their fortunes, turning The Trotters into a solid Premiership outfit.

Reports on Saturday suggested he had opted to head for a new challenge, with it being claimed he had agreed a deal with prospective Manchester City buyer Ray Ranson to take charge at Eastlands.

Allardyce oversaw Saturday's draw with Chelsea, but it has proved to be his last act as he has confirmed his resignation in a statement on the club's website.

"After nearly eight privileged years with Bolton Wanderers Football Club, I would like to announce that, after careful consideration and dialogue with my close family and senior officials within the football club, I will be resigning as manager of the club with immediate effect," said Allardyce.

"It was mutually decided that I step down now rather than at the end of the season, to give my successor the ideal opportunity to experience the preparation and build up of matchday in readiness of next season.

"The decision to leave the football club, which has been my spiritual home for over 18 years, as both player and manager, is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in my life.

"However, after guiding the team into a position where the club is on the verge of qualification for European football for the second time in three years, which has been the accumulation of almost seven years of strategic building and hard work across all areas of the football club, I feel it is the right moment to step down from my duties and welcome a new exciting era for the club under different leadership.

"I feel the club is in a great position to continue its upward trajectory with a talented internationally recognised squad, supported by an excellent Academy programme across all ages working under the guidance of a highly-skilled football management team.

"I believe the foundation of the next phase for the next development stage of the club is well and truly in place. It is with this knowledge that I feel confident that I am moving on with my life content with a legacy that I have tried to create for this special club and I wish the owner, chairman, staff, players and above all the fans every success in the future."

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And on BBC Sport

Allardyce resigns as Bolton boss

Sam Allardyce has resigned as manager of Bolton with immediate effect.

Allardyce has been linked with the manager's role at Manchester City and refused to attend the press conference after Saturday's 2-2 with Chelsea.

He said: "This has been one of the hardest decisions I've ever made but it's time for a new exciting era for Bolton under different leadership."

Chairman Phil Gartside added: "I have reluctantly accepted the decision. His reasons are private, we respect that."

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I think it's a bit wierd. Bolton hasn't done too bad and Sam is a good manager. They draw away against Chelsea which is a very good result.

There's only 3 games left in the season, so why resign now? Why not wait until the end of it instead?

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As it says in the above statement:

"It was mutually decided that I step down now rather than at the end of the season, to give my successor the ideal opportunity to experience the preparation and build up of matchday in readiness of next season.

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Latest news:

Sammy Lee has been confirmed as the new manager of Bolton Wanderers.

From BBC Sport:

Lee, 48, takes over at the Reebok Stadium after the shock resignation of former boss Sam Allardyce on Sunday.

"I'm delighted about the prospect of being Bolton manager," said Lee. "It is a great legacy that Sam has left and it is my job now to carry that forward."

Lee, who became a coach at Bolton in June 2005, added: "It took me one second to decide to accept the job after it was offered to me."

It is Lee's first job in management after a successful coaching career with Liverpool, England and Bolton.

"I am very proud to be sat here in front of everybody as the new manager of Bolton Wanderers," he said.

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he's very good. seems obvious he wants more money to play with and feels he has taken bolton as far as they can go.

interesting to see what happens to bolton- and nolan, diouf and anelka... possibility they will leave and the side will implode.

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Don't get me wrong, his been a fantastic manager for Bolton. But unless he is going to one of the big 4 clubs in England (which I think is unlikely at this point), then i'm not so sure it is such a smart move. At the moment he is a success at Bolton and leaving unless it if for a much bigger club may prove a mistake should he not hit the ground running at his new club.

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There's been plenty of speculation concerning Allardyce's reasons for resigning, nothing to do with the bung allegations though, which all seemed pretty much ado about not a lot. From BBC Sport:

Chairman Phil Gartside added: "His reasons are private, we respect that."

which tells us nothing. Maybe he just wants a break from the game, which seems a strong possibility bearing something else that Phil Gartside said:

"It became clear that he wanted some time with his family and to reflect on his life,"

And Sofa Manager - you had me really worried there!!

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i don't know where these man city rumors are coming from? I can't see it. He's Bolton through and through, and Bolton don't exactly get on with City and is City a step up from Bolton? sure the fan base is bigger but other than that?

I personally think he might end up at Newcastle, it's a massive club with money to spend, that would be a big step up. There is so much potential with Newcastle and so much potential for Allardyce at a big club it would suit both of them... perhaps

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2k, I agreee, newcastle would be a better job, a chance to work with some excellent footballers and some... not so great ones- freddy sheperd seemingly employed souness (in what was a hilariously misguided move) to sort out the troublesome characters there (despite, as a manager having no such reputation). allardyce has taken on difficult players in the past, and got them to shut up and play.

p.s. I heard, maybe it was on the radio, that city are an option because a mate of his is part of a consortium looking to take over there.

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