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What can be done to be in the CL Final?

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I love Chelsea and would sincerely apologise for the following views.

I think Chelsea have taken a step backward. Here's why..

To accommodate Ballack, we had to sacrifice the wingers (out goes Duff).The diamond formation becomes woefully similar to England. Lack of creativity results in pumping balls for Drogba to brutally heck his way in. Hence, the goals have dried up, not helped by the adepting Sheva whose 4 league goals pale in comparison to double digits of Crespo and Guddy.

Take a look :

2003-2004 67 goals 30 against - runners-up under Raineri

2004-2005 72 goals 15 against - champion

2005-2006 72 goals 22 against - champion

Current : 62 goals 22 against ( with 3 games left)

We need to score 3 goals against Arsenal, Manure and Everton to equal last 2 years' tally.

We are in danger of scoring less goals than 3 seasons ago.

The statistics certainly do not show the significance of the absence of Cech, Carvalho and Terry though we did drop vital points

Also, have we become too predictable?

Liverpool under Benitez is gaining ground against us in Mourinho vs Benitez with each season..

2004-05 : Chelsea Won 3 drew 1 Lost 1

2005-06: ChelseaWon 2 drew 2 Lost 1

2006-2007 : Chelsea Won 2 Lost 3

They dumped us in 2 CL semi-finals in 3 seasons, FA Community Shield 2006, 2005 FA Cup semi-final

while our only triumph is Mourinho's 1st trophy as manager in the Carling Cup.

Can Mourinho really triumph in crucial stages, especially against the 2005 European champion?

I cannot imagine that with a little kitty at his disposal, Benitez will improve his squad further.

Money cannot buy titles.

Yet the price we paid for Essien is in excess of 24 mil quids than is more than Xabi (10), Luis Garcia(6) and Peter Crouch (9)combined.

Can new season transfer and signing really solve our desire? I remember that when Mourinho took over, he made a statement tantamount to saying that he would not be signing stars like Raineri ( who splurged on Joe Cole, Drogba etc) but useful players like Tiago and Carvalho.

Yet we pay top quids for Ballack and Sheva recently, two well-known stars of the world.

Kalou was signed on the basis that he was the top scorer in Eredivisie. Is Mourinho backing off from his words now that our interest in David Villa is well known?

We have the boast of having one of the best manager in the world in Jose Mourinho. He led us to the best premiership

points ever with the least goals conceded, but is he the one to up the ante further?

What else can be done to secure at least a CL final and possibly a trophy?

We have taken a step because with endless resources, we have a league and league cup double in the first season under Mourinho, a league title the 2nd and now possibly only a League Cup trophy in the 3rd under Mourinho if we lose in the FA Cup final.

I am not pleased with the league and FA Cup double considering the depth and quality of squad we had and injuries is not an excuse.

Bolton and Newcastle had to give debut yet we cannot even beat them.

I will gladly swap these trophies for the European crown or the league title. I feel that Mourinho should at least win a league and European crown double to put Chelsea's name into posterity. That i cannot see next season if we continue to have some stars playing like a championship team day in day out.

I am not against Mourinho but i think it is time he realises that fans are not stupid over his rhetorical antics which attempt to cover the lack of tactical option on his part.

Chelsea was not the better side because both teams were tentative and once it went into a shootout, the result is always going to go the home's way. ( Maybe Mourinho was too confident that he did not ask his players to practice taking penalties).

Tell me then, what must be done to see our beloved Blues becoming European champion?? 3 seasons of coming so close is truly heartbreaking icon_confused.gif

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For me it is not all about trophies and success. It's about playing football the right way and of late, to be frank, the football has been dire.

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I miss Maniche!!!

Wasn't it him that used to go on& on about how great Carvalho was and we all used to laugh at him. Maybe he had a point after all.

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