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La Liga Title Race


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This is going right down to the wire! icon_eek.gif

Both Real and Barca are losing atm, but Real are still top due to the head to head record. Sevilla could go top but they need to win and are drawing 0-0 atm. If Real win and Barca don't then Real are champions.

Contrasts quite a bit to our title race.


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Valencia are getting hammered icon_lol.gif

3-1 down to Levante, I think Canizares was sent off for a proffessional foul. Just looking on the Sky Sports score center thingy, Ayala's been sent off as well icon_lol.gif

Edit: They're down to 8 men redcard.gif

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it's incredible. watching tvu, madrid game... "gol" channel... plus the legendary confused american and coked up geordie commentary team!

edit "cassilas has an orgasm back there". I want this guy commentating every game!

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I have always had an aversion to Real until this season when they have finally installed a proper football manager who understands the importance od defenders - so this year for the first time in a long time I have wanted Real to win the title.

Therefore I am delighted with those two last minute goals.

I would also like to see Real win it as I think it is ridiculous that people point to Beckham as the reason Real stopped winning trophies

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Normally I wouldn't care about who wins but since I have so far hated Real Madrid I should want to see them lose. But, as Loz points out, they have finally understood that they need a defence. Capello have really made the team better. So my dislike for them has weakened and my dislike for Barcelona has only increased.

So I really hope that Real wins it. I can't stand seing Barca win. I would just love to see Barca miss out on all the titles this season. Would be a dream come true icon_wink.gif

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Well it would appear Beckham is going to get his Real title at the death. Real 3-1 up with 5mins to go after being 1 down for a long time. Real thoroughly deserve the win and even more amusing is that Barca are cruising in their game. Reyes third goal was a very fine strike.

You have to doff your cap to Capello, a pretty top drawer turnaround for a club that has been going backwards for seasons now.

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