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Club Shed, Shed Banners and Shed 100

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Hi all,

You may be interested in these latest updates from the Return to the Shed Campaign, which is basically being reproduced online and in print everywhere we can get it published. We've got a number of things on the go, so please read on and join in any way you can!


Here's an update on what's been going on recently and details of how YOU can help to boost the atmosphere at the Bridge. A lot has happened in the Summer!

Big Bang for opening home games

This affects everybody. Before we talk about the Shed, what about the fans in the MH end? In fact anyone, wherever you are in the ground who gets behind the team. You're doing a great job, keep it going and hopefully the various Shed campaigns will mean you get some help at last. If we don't lose against Birmingham, the record we set for going 64 matches unbeaten at home will be magnificent. So, let's create history together. If you're reading this in the run up to the game, bring as much colour with you as you can - scarves, flags, banners, balloons etc. Arrive at the ground

early and get behind the team vocally. Let's create a "Big Bang" with the new Shed enders and make sure we bag this record and extend it against Portsmouth.

Club Shed

For those who don't already know, the Club Shed concept is a community of fans which attempts to build on the "Return to the Shed Campaign" and "Shed 50" trial from last season. With thousands of new ST holders and hundreds of members wanting to buy tickets in the Shed end, what better way is there to keep in touch with fellow fans who want to get behind the team together and enjoy their day out at the Bridge?

Club Shed is free to join and be a part of. You can be a ST holder, member or occasional Shed Ender - it doesn't matter. All you have to do is participate in the forums and/or share ideas with your fellow fans, but most of all, get behind the team in any way you can. Ideas from new/old songs, banner purchases, meeting for a drink before/after matches, bringing colour into the ground and much more will be discussed.

Check out the forum at http://www.returntotheshed.co.uk and please join in!

More Banners - Come on!

The football club challenged the atmosphere committee during the summer to encourage fans to bring more flags and banners into the ground. You may have seen articles about this in the summer but if not, there are two ways in which YOU can join in. Firstly, organise flags and banners yourselves - the more the merrier. There are loads of suppliers around who can provide cheap solutions, but a couple to mention are http://www.eclipseflags.co.uk or http://www.barmyflags.co.uk.

However, if you want to help us make a bigger impact and contribute to larger designs with fellow fans, take a look at the Club Shed website at http://www.returntotheshed.co.uk and click on the "Shed End Banners - Vote and Contribute" thread. Here, you will be able to vote on the best design(s) and contribute to the cost, preferably via Paypal. Alternatively, drop

Pete an email at petebull@cfcnet.co.uk for more details on how to vote and donate. We're looking to have the first of the new banner(s) in the ground for the Blackburn game, so please get voting and contributing as soon as you can.

Shed "100" v Blackburn Rovers - Sat Sept 15th - MEMBERS ONLY

Following on from the successful "Shed 50" trial v Bolton back in April, we're going for a repeat, but this time on a larger scale. For the Blackburn game, we have arranged with the Club for 100 Shed Upper seats to be allocated to fans (MEMBERS ONLY) who consider themselves to be vocal, want to get behind the team with like minded fellow fans and generally be part of a great day. The Bolton trial was really successful, with people meeting up both before and after and everyone contributing to the atmosphere in the Shed Upper. They really made a difference, so double the amount of fans, together with the new ST holders should make for a cracking atmosphere. Everyone who participated that day felt they contributed to something special.

If you are a member and want to be involved, register your interest now. We have to submit the final list of fans by COP Monday, 13 August, so please hurry.

To register, visit the Club Shed forum on http://www.returntotheshed.co.uk and add your name(s) to the Shed 100 thread (you will need to register on the site).

Alternatively, please contact Pete at petebull@cfcnet.co.uk asap. Pete is doing a magnificent job in managing these initiatives.

If this extended trial also works, we can think of expanding it further as the season progresses.

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I am not usually happy with people punitng their own forums on here or pushing for contributions to things however I feel this this is an issue close to all our hearts (and one that L&P has raised before on here)

I am not the biggest fan of cfcnet I must admit however this is a topic that all Chelsea fans surely see as a good cause so I have left it on.

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If we're going to have a realistic 'Return to the Shed' policy, then I think we ought to go the whole hog.

1) Nobody allowed in without uniform, namely Ben Sherman, Brutus, braces, Sta Prest, Levis, Squires brogues, 16 hole DM steelies, Levi jacket, Harrington and Crombie - though not all at the same time unless it's very cold

2) Usual equipment to be carried at all times, ie - knuckledusters, cosh, quarter bottle of whisky, etc....

3) Compulsory frantic singing of 'Knees Up Mother Brown' every time Chelsea score a goal, accompanied of course by jumping up and down, surging forward sideways and back, and general madness

4) Decorative changes to the Shed End, namely a white wall on the east side, and a khazi at the west back consisting of a wall to piss up, and where the urine is kept at a constant depth of three inches. And next to that, a tea bar which sells tea and bovril at temperatures guaranteed to give third degree burns to anyone careless enough to spill any on their hands

5) A line of coppers in the middle aisle, one of whom shall be an evil b*stard in glasses known as 'Bilko'

6) Anyone resembling an opposition fan or fans entering the Shed End to be battered to f*ck by those nearest to the offender, while the remainder sing "you'll never take the Shed", with accompanying hand gestures

7) Singing throughout the game is compulsory, even if it's only 25 choruses of "we hate Nottingham Forest" due to boredom

8) "Zigga Zagga" to be banned unless it's done properly, in respect to the late great Micky Greenaway

9) Anyone chucked out of the main entrance to walk round to the west entrance (and vice versa) and regain entry by any means possible

10) Any suspected away fans spotted in the MHS area to be met with continuous chants of "North Stand, North Stand, do your job" until said away fans are battered to f*ck by the MHS regulars in the proper manner

I might well be tempted to start going to matches regularly again! icon_lol.gif

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I am not usually happy with people punitng their own forums on here or pushing for contributions to things however I feel this this is an issue close to all our hearts (and one that L&P has raised before on here)

I am not the biggest fan of cfcnet I must admit however this is a topic that all Chelsea fans surely see as a good cause so I have left it on.

Hi Loz,

For the record, can I say that this isn't about punting a forum at all. I'm just a fan who got fed up with the near silent atmos in the early part of last season and decided to do something about it. Yes, I moderate for CFCnet but in this instance this is immaterial, although it has given me the means to publicise our various campaigns and get closer to the movers and shakers at the club. We've got the BAWA, CSG, vital football and cfcuk organisations onside with this. These guys are all represented on the Fans forum (which is how we got together) so we take a united front when asking the club for things, such as publicity on the big screens or in TOCFCWS.

Re the contributions for banners, it's just that the larege ones are so dear so we thought we'd give this a try. Please contribute what you can.

The Shed 50 experiment was such a good laugh last season and the fans stood out a mile in the Shed. We're hoping for a repeat with the Shed 100 so the more the merrier, regardless of which forum/group you come from.

As you can see, I don't want to leave any supporters' groups out of this. Just want a cracking atmosphere in the Shed, then we can try things to get the rest of the ground buzzing too. If it doesn't work, then at least we can say we have tried, then somebody else can have a go.

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Hear you loud and clear. Any efforts to get the Bridge sounding like a collection of Chelsea fans again is more then welcome. (and of course I mean this as no disrespect to those who do make the effort, I know there are plenty on here and I dare say plenty on cfcnet as well)



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