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am i missing somethink?


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im sorry but this sacking is really odd.

why before one of the biggest prem matches of the year would you sack your manager. if he walked then, thats just bad luck. but the fact is he was sacked, all though the club put that mutual consent crap out, we all know that he was sacked and a chelsea player confirmed it.

why sack him now, obviously this was not out of the blue so if the board had a brain they should have done one of these two options either:

1) sack him after sundays match

2) or had a manager already lined up, before sacking him

instead they have sacked him and appointed Avram Grant who frankly has no experience or the ability to manager a team this big in the biggest league with one of biggest matches coming up. chelsea statement about grant says this "an experienced man who can come help deliver our objectives." doesn't that fill you with confidence icon_eek.gif

not to mention what this will do to players that have stated in the past the main reason they have stayed at chelsea was due to mourinho and two most important players terry and lampard will surely follow mourinho if he goes to r.madrid,inter milan etc....

this seems to have been handled rather bad to say the least!

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The words 'Power' and 'Struggle' spring to mind and there was only ever going to be one winner - the man worth the debt of 23 third world countries.

My guess is that there was an emergency meeting held about the start to the season and the intention of RA/PK at that point was not to sack Jose (although it is obviously something that has been considered for a while) - Jose came to the meeting, things were said, it kicked off, and RA said 'Pack yer bags sonny' or more exactly 'Packov Bagov'

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I'm not 100% convinced that Jose was sacked. The timing stinks, undeniably, but going by the noises emanating out of the club, my feeling is that they were as surprised as anyone. I wouldn't put it past Jose to have forced a situation where to all intents and purposes the only course of action was his departure.

Not the end of the World, not quite. But we are potentially well and truly up sh*t creek.

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Jose's been systematically undermined over the past couple of years. He should have enjoyed the status and authority at the club that Ferguson and Whinger enjoy, but RA's supposed mistrust and dislike of him and his style (both of management and play) led him to put people in place who prevented him having full control.

This even appears to have extended to RA and PK dictating transfer policy and signing players. You can see why Jose felt he couldn't stay even if he loves the club and didn't really want to quit. we have forced him out even if he wasn't actually sacked - constructive dismissal you could call it.

Like most people I feel we've handled the whole situation shockingly and the near future could turn out disastrously. The team has big problems as it is, and no-one can really feel confident about the pedigree of Avram Grant when it comes to handling a massive job like this. I'm sure he isn't the man the board want for the long haul.

I'm seriously worried what the squad make of all this.

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Spot on Backbiter. He was either sacked or it was a constructive dismissal for the reasons cited by you. And it is simply unbelievable that Ambramovich and his cohorts engineered a situation whereby a manager as successful as Jose in the last 3 years finally felt so emasculated and disempowered that he had no alternative but to leave. Ambramovitch is a fool; after falling for the 3 card trick of having "talkies" with Goofy's brother/agent recently, is any one of us really surprised at how this was handled/turned out?

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I think that says more about you Jimboola than Jose. Don't you think? I mean on another recent thread you slam Frisk for daring to voice an opinion on Jose's management style but you then echo Frisk's recent comments with that rather lame offering. It naturally follows from your comment on Jose being "silly" that notwithstanding he was effectively hamstrung, that you think he should have just shut up and got on with it. Alternately, he could leave and be paid out an attractive sum with some semblance of dignity and achievement that no other manager will likely ever achieve at this club. And that's "silly" is it? Tell us all Jimboola, what would you have done in the circumstances?

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