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The pick of last season


All top finishes!  

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  1. 1.

    • Crespo V Wigan
    • Gallas V Spurs
    • Joey V Manu

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Which was your favourite goal last season?

Not in terms of importance for the season or for winning that game, but which goal gave you the most pleasure, made your hair stand and made you experience a state of pure ecstasy, given the quality of it and the opponent.

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Its tough to call, but its Crespo's vs Wigan for me.

A top corner rocket outta nowhere - and im a happy man. What a way to get our season started, and how desperately we needed a win?!


The way he dug it out from under his feet and blasted it was unstoppable, and it had me screaming like a banshee.

Breathtaking strike, however all three were top goals.

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Was watching the Spurs game in a hotel bar in Galway and to say that everyone wanted Chelse to be beat would be an under statment (it was full of Arsenal, Liverpool and Man. Utd.)

I jumped about like a lunatic, great goal and a great reaction by both Billie and myself.

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Gallas' superb strike. The fact that he is a defender (and was superb in defence all game), and then scored that amazing beauty just killed me. I was silent in awe, before I started screaming like mad. I was with other Chelsea supporters, all screaming, the neighbours must have though we were mad.

The good old days with Billy G. All the appreciation he got from the team and the fans then, especially after a wonderstrike out of nowhere against Spuds... Yet he still moans on about us and wants to leave. Is it too late to change my vote?

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Gallas' for sure. I was watching the game with quite a few friends of mine at a bar down the street, and my best friend is a Spurs supporter. I had talked way too much 'smack' to him before the game for it to end in a tie, and what a SUPERB strike from nowhere.

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ive gone for gallas' effort aswell! because i expect magic from joey and crespo but for a central deffender to score a screamer with power and accuracy was just something i wont forget for a long time!

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Has to be Joe's for me.

Crespo's was a great strike and so was Gallas's, but they are the sort of goals you see pretty much week in week out and anyone is capable of scoring that type of goal.

Very few people could've scored the goal against Man Utd in the way that Joe did. Completely special.

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Has to be the one Gallas goal.

I was in a hospital in France hooked up to a drip when Crespo scored his goal icon_rolleyes.gif

I couldn't cheer Joe's goal because Man Utd could still come back... Looking back, I wish I had appreciated it more.

But Gallas' goal? Mental!!

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Gallas's goal for me.

Three reasons:

1. I have seen many good goals scored before, but I can't remember ever seing a centre back, playing superbly as an out-of-position leftback push foward and score a screamer of a goal that any striker would be proud of.

2. It was a turning point in the season. If that goal hadn't gone in, we would have drawn 0-0, and our title challange would have been looking a bit shaky.

3. It was against Spurs, and I watched the game with my brother-in-law who is a massive spurs fan.

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Of those three, it was Gallas's goal for me. There was a lot of tension at the time about our title challenge faltering, we'd lost to Boro, scraped a win against West Brom etc.

That fact that it was a belter scored by Gallas in the final minute of a tense game against Spurs all contributed.

Joe Cole's goal against Arsenal at Highbury also sticks in my mind. Not only was it very well taken, but it sealed our win in our last ever visit to the Library.

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joe cole's goal was brilliant because like Nibs said it was a goal very few players are capable of scoring whereas most player can hit a thunderbolt but Joey's was pure class

also it was the goal that clinched the title and i just happened to be surrounded by manu fans in their own house and you should have seen their faces when it went in, pure gold icon_lol.gif

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