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Tim W
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Personally I reckon England should never have let JT travel and sent him back to Chelsea for an op sooner rather than later. He's now lost a possible 10 days of recovery time. JT is JT and would play with both legs in splints but at times the manager and medical staff need to stand up and put their foot down and say enough is enough.

Now we have to face a couple of games with a makeshift defence again

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It's about time someone saved JT from himself. It's only last week he was stating he would be back three days after his knee op. Do us a favour J, take time out, get yourself properly fit and come back 100%. Believe me we'll all benefit in the end.

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real time: 3 weeks

JT time: 3 days(max)

now we have slow alex in the defense with slow ben haim. Then carvahlo, maybe even ferriera in the back. Should be interesting.


^that'll be me this weekend.

Well JT isn't the fastest player in the squad. So instead of a kinda slow Terry we now have to use a bit slow Alex or Ben Haim instead. They aren't as good as JT but they aren't bad either. We still have slightly fast Riccy who can deal with the fast ones. And soon we'll have the fast Bridge as LB and as RB we can use Belletti who isn't that slow.

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