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livid at the Shed End


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I cannot find fault with the effort we did at the Bridge and with a little luck, we may have gotten 3 or 4 goals.

This made Drogba's sitter and Howard's stunning save from Lamps' piledriver counted as the 2-point loss.

Allow me to indulge in my frustration once more, if you will. 5 points' adrift from Manure with the African Nation's Cup looming, how can i not be envious of their scoring machine at Old Trafford? 4-0 win over Wigan, followed by 4-1 over Villa, 4-2 on Kiev, 2-2 with Arsenal, 4-0 over Kiev and finally 2-0 over Blackburn.

This made us painfully aware how much Chelsea is dependent on Lamps and Drogs for goals. The fight will be lost when Essien, Drogs and Kalou leaves for the African continent ( while Manure loses no sh*t !) actions1.gif

How can a team with championship ambition lack finesse over the final third of the field? In the past, we had Duff, Gudjohnsen, Crespo and Robben to chip it the numbers.

Now, just take a look at the statistics ..

( for all competitions )

Drogs - 7

Lamps - 7

Kalou - 4

Sheva - 3

Joey, Essien, Malouda - 2

Alex, Belletti, Pizarro, Sidwell - 1

Where is the reinforcement ? We signed Pizarro, Malouda and Sidwell to warm up the bench ( Again, it is about the weak quality of signings that we have made since our FA Cup/ League double winning years)

I do not see Avram Grant changing the style of Chelsea's play but this is probably due to the technical aspects of our players, who are all good at holding the ball. I do not see a need to change the style, just start winning !

It is also surprising that for all his work rate, SWP has not found the net ( Or has he? ...not according to 4thegame.com)

Speaking of the devil, would someone take an old video of Jesper Gronkjaer and teach SWP how NOT TO CROSS?

Full of foot trickery yet he cannot even muster a decent cross ! I now declare that he should be sold !

So you see... it is the old generals that have consistently stood and be counted... Essien, Cech, Drogs, Carvalho and Joey

The question is.. who are we going to find to replace them when they are away on international duties?

Someone better have the answer soon because Manure and Arsenal seem to running away 94.gif1064.gif106.gif825.gif

I say... "fish" them all, we are Chelsea badge.gif

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Have in mind that Drogba has played somewhere around three times more than Shevchenko, yet, Drogba has scored 7 goals, while Shevchenko have scored 3. Am I saying that Shevchenko would have scored 9 goals if he where given the chance? No, but at least if you're looking at statistic, Shevchenko is scoring more often than Drogba if you look at the time they've been on the pitch, and maybe Shevchenko can continue that stastistic ... if given a chance.

That being said, I'm not sure of why we signed Sidwell, as I can't see him making any difference coming off the bench (compared to any of our other options). I would rather have a more technical player, who might be able to give us something different.

Wright-Phillips still hasn't scored, and he still just trying, but his crosses against Everton where awful. I'm not sure about Malouda ... what made him France Footballer of the Year?

Anyway, we'll see. I'm sure we'll be allright. ::Scalf::

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People keep bringing up the attacking players that we've sold, so lets take a look at them;

Duff; we had the good years his last year here he was never fit and he's done nothing since, so selling him was the right thing to do.

Crespo; Didn't want to be here and didn't do much for us while he was here, you could argue that we didn't play to his strengths but he didn't want to be here!

Guddy;one of my favourite players of the modern times, he loves the club, but he proved to be too slow to fit in. JM could never find a position that was right for him, so rather than leave him in the reserves he sold him (JM was right to do that because he was the manager at the time).

Robben; Far too weak and selfish to be a top draw player, no heart for the game, stacks of ability but he wouldn't have added anything to our team.

It's not right to claim that Sheva and Malouda are crap and this lot are great, yes we are struggling as an attacking force, but this group of players wouldn't have materially changed that unless they were all at the top of their game, which doesn't happen often.

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To be honest, Crespo did rather well for us considering his head wasn't in London most of the time. Wasn't his goal-ratio something like 1 in every 2-3 games? Pretty decent for an unhappy striker if you asked me.

Eidur shouldn't have been sold IMO and I feel that Grant may have found a place for him in the current side. However, at the time when JM sold Eidur, Grant hadn't really come into the picture completely, so its another case of "who's to say". My opinion, however, is that he shouldn't have been sold.

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I'm afraid that i have accepted that we are going to be crap, whilst the ACON's is on, for a loooong time now. We will really struggle.

Goals will be desperately hard to come by unless someone steps up to the mantle, and we should'nt have to keep relying on Lamp's.

It's madness that a top, top club like ourselves, should be so painfully thread bare when it come's to quality forwards, and it need's addressing.

What i would do for Crespo now....

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Malouda has just arrived from France and it will take some time before he gets used to the new team and league.

Let's not forget that Drogba wasn't exactly great in his first year since arriving from...France.

Let's not forget that Essien wasn't exactly great in his first year since arriving from...France.

Not even Ronaldo was great when he first joined ManU. Not that I'm saying that Malouda will become as good as that b*stard but hopefully he can become almost as good anyway icon_wink.gif

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I know we have to be optimistic and hope we can still win the league but realistically that was highly unlikely once we made the managerial change earlier on in the season. It will take some time for the new system to bed in even with the quality squad and the growing injury list doesn't help. Arsenal and United are way too consistent this season for us to have much chance of catching them. Our first concern in the league is to finish in the Champions League positions and that may still be challenging if we struggle without key players during the ACON. Our best chance of trophies this season I feel will be in the cups. At least none of our players will miss Champions League games due to ACON. Lets hope we can get through the group stage and then get key players back for the knockout stages. I'm still hoping Ballack will finally find some form after he returns. Sheva will get his chance during ACON. If he finds his shooting boots then he may yet make the difference. However I think we have seen too many false dawns with Sheva so perhaps our best bet would be to sign another striker in January.

Either way we should recognize that this season is likely to be one of rebuilding when it comes to the league.

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Imagine if we can do with this line-up for the ACON period' date=' courtesy of Ten Cates ..


Belletti, Terry, Carvalho, AC

Malouda, Lamps, Ronaldinho, Cole

Huntelaar, Sheva ( although not my ideal frontman)

Would it not be so tempting ?[/quote']


Belletti, Terry, Carvalho, AC

Malouda, Lamps, Ronaldinho, Cole

Huntelaar, Sheva ( although not my ideal frontman)

Would it not be so tempting ?

I think thats a bit to offensive supposed we get Ronaldinho

I would like the same just change the midfield and forwaeds a bit



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