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Bolton v Manure

sweet waffle

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thankfully they lost. Clattenburg was the ref, and Fergie was sent off for pointing fingers at the calttenburg icon_lol.gif . And C.Ronaldo wasn't there so it's an automatic loss for united. We were really close to pulling into third, but city won and we're 1 point behind. Now arsenal just has to lose a game.

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I actually laughed out loud when I heard Ferguson being interviewed after the game (he'd been sent off at half-time and had to watch the second-half from the stand).

He actually came out and said "The referee didn't give my players protection". What a f*ckin' hypocrite!!! icon_lol.gif

For years Manure players like Keane, Ince, Bruce, Cantona, etc..., have been kicking lumps out of opposition players, but when it happens to his little angels it's a different story. Ferguson has now gone down even further in my opinion, something I didn't think possible, the whinging c*nt! w**k2.gif

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Especially as he is talking nonsense. Davies tackle on Evra was no more than a yellow card offence and later on Evra is bizarrely not booked for a blatant bit of 'getting my own back' when he comes through the back of Davies.

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he really is a hypocrite. When mourinho used to complain about referee desicions, fergie would be the first one to judge mourinho asking for calls towards his team. There's a point of being competetive and then there's a point of being a total a$$ face. I just hate Fergusen, his BF ronaldo wasn't there and he got all moody and depressed. My bro's a man utd. fan so everyday is a war between us, he's all moody about the lost. Must be a united thing, no ronaldo they just go into depression.

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