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Life under Capello


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So it would appear the Cap definitely fits.

Personally I am delighted (although admittedly would have been more delighted if he had been the replacement for Jose as our manager) and it is good to see him lined up with his new back room team showing team solidarity


My only concern is that people expect instant results. Irrespective of how great his domestic record is he is still new to international football, doesn't speak any English (yet) and needs to put the hours in looking into the pros and cons of the players at his disposal.

Of all the names tossed around in relation to the job (Jose included) I think he was the very best man for the post and I just hope he goes on to prove me right. Now all we need is some half decent strikers for him to select!!

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wish he was appointed for chelsea..... if he doesn't instantly win i think the english public will get a bit frustrated, but hopefully they can give him time. Luckily for Capello he doesn't have to go straigh into Euro. He'll have time to build a team and play friendlies while preparing for the WC '10. Could you imagine Owen and Rooney on the pitch at the same time.

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I think it looks a bit weird that England appoints someone who doesn't speak english. He starts his job in less than a month so he will have to learn quickly. I read that he uses Hitchcock-movies to learn english which sounds a bit weird. So expect to hear some Norman Bates type of quotes from him in the future. If I hear him tell the press "Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!" I swear I will faint.

Anyway, I think Capello can do well with England. Really solid defence, good tactics and narrow wins. Might England finally get a medal?

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i think his style will get you fairly instant results- he will destroy players immediately if they don't do what he wants and within 3 games he should have the side playing how he wants it. I wouldn't be surprised to see gerrard dropped.

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Jose never wanted to become england manager, so capello is just the perfect choice. I respect this person as a manager cuz he is is best at what he does. However I m afraid about one thing.

No matter how he manages the team he ends up getting sacked after one season. The good thing is that he has been successful in a number of top european clubs.

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From what I understand, he favours a 4-2-3-1 formation that is played fairly defensively.

Any ideas then which players are likely to be winners and losers when it comes to game time?

In a 4-2-3-1 we might see both Lamps and that scouser git (you know which one I mean).

The losers are the attackers. Which one will play? Does the formation suit players like Owen? Can Crouch play alone up front?

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