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Guest Brian M
however I also think Anelka and Sheva could strike up a great partnership.

Only if Nic is pushing one of these I suspect...


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wen Drogba is back i think well play like this





If we're going for attractive football I don't think we'll be seeing the diamond of death return anytime soon. I hope not at least

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I stated my case early on this one and what we saw today was a player who is totally at home in the Premiership and one who showed more in a cameo appearance than Sheva did all last season.

I've always thought Anelka was a class act. Many Liverpool fans I know were amazed when they let him go after his loan spell there and still reckon him and Torres would be lethal as a pair.

He is a big club player make no mistake. OK the supposed baggage may come with him but if he does it on the pitch no one can argue.

Arsenal was where he made his name for a change he will be remembered as a Chelsea player i'm sure.

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Also nice to see a real "football" player signed, as we know José loved his hustling super athletes.(Not a swipe at José, honestly)

which is why I am so pleased we got him rather than yakubu*

*and guess who yakubu played for as an unknown in the israeli league...

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Anelka has great variety to his game now and looked sharp as hell today against the Spuds.

I like the idea of him WITH the Drog. Drog doing the physical holding thing, and when the oppos double up on him Joe can dink it over them for Nic to run on to.

I was dubious mainly due to temperament, but he is turning me into a believeer already! woohoo.gifChElSea2.gifChElSea2.gif

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I’m still dubious about his temperament and will remain so until we’ve had at least one full season of full commitment without rumour of discontent. Good start, however, and the ‘this will be my last club’ comment was encouraging. Just hope that it doesn’t come back to haunt him and us in a year or two.

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