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Sepp Blatter ......... what a mug !


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I cannot believe this guy and some of his quotes, he seems to be basing this whole argument on the fact that 3 PL teams have been in the semis of the CL for two years in a row ! ohhhh and we cant have that can we. He seems to have stopped working for FIFA and is now on some kind of personal quest to see the demise of english teams which I find disgusting and un-professional. How is it our problem if all the best players want to play in our league, ok maybe it is because we pay the highest wages but dont forget we have the highest tax rates as well.

I do not think this is about the good of football but merely a spout of jealousy because the French and Swiss league is crap. I am amazed that he thinks the PL teams are dominating !!!! 2 years mate and you call that dominating. For ten years straight Italy had a team in the CL final, how about that then ?

This guy should shut the f**k up (excuse the frenchy) and be voted out at the next FIFA president election. How can you have a man in charge who obviously holds such bitterness towards the UK and the PL. It is almost as if success is now a crime in Europe...especially when it is the English that are being successful and making all the money.

F'ing disgrace in my book what do you all think ?


O, beware, my Sepp, of jealousy;

It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock

The meat it feeds on

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Where were UEFA when Italian teams were ruling the roost ?

If they do this then i would love the Premiership clubs to fight back and boycott all UEFA tournamnets.

Talk about moving the goalposts.

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Let's see then.


Ferreira-----JT----Ricky------Cole A.



SWP-------------------------Cole J


Now how many was it? 6+5? Ok, let's get rid of Ferreira and bring in Micah Richards - that should do it.

I'm not sure we really need to worry about this too much. I'd be much more concerned if I were an Arsenal of Liverpool fan.

Anyway, it won't happen. They will never get EU law changed.

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By his logic we should start killing people to protect the environment.

I agree about the whole inequality argument, I think ultimately something needs to be done. But the way his suggesting they go about it is completely wrong, stupid and descriminatory.

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the english invented football clap2.gif

I like your signature in your profile Mr Chelsea, though clearly not as good as mine icon_lol.gif

zola will always be a legend i dont think girls aloud wll ever make legend status (more shaggable than zola though)

my son makes the sigs if anyone wants one making he's home from uni next week

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