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Sir Alec and his best mate Alan

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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The bloke I sit next to is a westham season ticket holder and is going to a legends night (hard to believe at that club I know, "f*ck off we won the world cup....") tonight, I think it's basically in honour of John Lyall and Ron Greenwood.

Anyway, sir Alex is going and has on of the exclusive tables that he'll be sharing with his close friend Alan Curbs. Now I'm not saying that westham lost for any reason other than the fact that they're crap, but it just seems a little bit wrong to me that before the season ends a manager who's team put up no fight at all should have a cosy little diner with the manager of the team that he want's to win the Premier League!!

I really don't think it's a conspiracy, it just seems a bit wrong.

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Now Fergie is worried Bolton will not play to win...

"All you wonderful people in the press have been talking about the integrity of Wigan; all we have seen is Wigan players saying how they will beat Manchester United," said the Scot.

"Fine. I have no problem with that but then you hear about Bolton players being out all week celebrating. Both teams are safe but one is all keyed up to play Manchester United while the other is out celebrating."

(click here for the full article)

Out all week? If what Megson says is true, the Bolton players went out on the town on last Monday(almost a full week before the game), so they're hardly gonna suffer from hangover tomorrow. icon_rolleyes.gif

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