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Eriksson Sacked


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Yeah the thought of that terrifies me. The jury is out on his managerial skills, IMO, as City fell away BADLY after an impressive start, and we DON'T need the bad publicity that he would inevitably bring, seeing as the press know all about his love life etc already.

Move along Sven, move along.

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Blackburn have given Hughes permission to talk to City:

The Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes has been given permission to talk to Manchester City following the departure of Sven-Goran Eriksson, which was confirmed this morning.

A statement from Rovers confirmed they had been approached by City asking to talk to Hughes about the now vacant manager's post at Eastlands. "Mark has made it clear to the board he would like the opportunity to talk to Manchester City," it read. "In view of this the board have decided reluctantly to give permission subject to terms and conditions acceptable to Blackburn Rovers being agreed with Manchester City in advance."

Hughes is the 4-5 favourite for the City job, although he has also been linked with Chelsea following the departure of Avram Grant last month, and is thought to be interested in a move to Stamford Bridge.


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Agree and agree.

Looks like our pool of potentials is narrowing quickly. If Hughes goes to City, we are left with Scolari, Mancini, Rijkaard and Sven? Big Phil is the only one I vaguely like, but even then I have some reservations given his volatile nature. Will Roman tire of him even quicker than he did Jose?

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As sick a thought as it may be, Sven is probably the best unemployed manager out there, right now.

And really, he is a very good football man. He has won alot, and would, in my opinion, replay his feats at Lazio with a big club. Lets not forget that they did the double one year, and won the UEFA cup, and they were good, but far from a powerhouse at the time.

Here he will have financial backing like at City, where he bought some pretty good deals. A few busts, but above all, he was shrewd, and payed bargain basement prices. It worked out sometimes, and didnt others, but he still managed to build a quality side.

I wanted Sparky just like most of us, but Sven wouldnt be a bad option. His reputation as a passion-less underachiever is way way overblown because of his time with England (where he won nearly 60% of his matches and made the quarters in three tournaments) and Faria-gate.

At this point, Im on SGE's bandwagon

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