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Belittled, Bovvered and Bewildered - Are We


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Apologies to Lorenz Hart for trashing his lyrics to the old jazz standard, but the amended version heading this topic sums up perfectly the state of mind of most CFC fans at the moment. No matter how often we plead ignorance or disinterest in how we are perceived by all and sundry over this latest management malarkey, nobody can ignore the portrayal of club impotence as the whole sorry affair unfolds in embarrassment. Suitably covered under the freebie 3B title given above, I’d say, and in my present mood there’s no stopping a fuller appraisal, plus an incite into some of the saner, little less caustic, thoughts that are policing my mind.

Let’s start with a straightforward question - anybody at the club want to shoulder some resposibility for the limbo we seem to be in, or even admit to anything other than progress being made? Nope, all we’ve had is a statement issued with about as much corporate drive as an ancient Grace Brothers Emporium owner telling his staff that ‘You‘re all doing very, very well‘. No surprise, then, that there are no takers within the ranks on that one, although there may be for all the supporters know, or have been led to believe, or have read in the papers, or have thought for a long time, or understood from the official website. Therein lies the initial problem that needs to be addressed before the start of next season…

BELITTLED - and so we have been, season long and stemming from Jose’s sacking, before running through to the going of Avram, like a rich vein of opportunity for the Media to mine to its hearts content, if it had one that is. Focusing in on more than the latest aberration in the managerial marketplace, the biggest [avoidable] club error has to be the timing of Avram’s departure. Why, oh why, did we ditch the Israeli in an instant when, quite obviously, nothing was in place to replace, nor [apparently] anywhere near being Premiership oven-ready. Was it suppose to be symbolic, or do we just court unfavourable publicity for the sake of it?

How much simpler and easier it would have been to let the harmless old boy remain in situ for a while until those little niceties called ’guarantees’ could be obtained from the club of a targeted manager, or perhaps, if we were lucky, even the right man himself, prior to both sides declaring they’re readiness to move. Instead of which we are subjected to a race card of potential candidates to have a flutter on and have Sky regularly giving ’more bad news’ to the fans, such as when someone like Spalletti slips out from 5-2 to 7-1 in the betting. Clearly, Sky now believe that punters in general know more about what’s going on at Chelsea than the fans or the club themselves.

In our case [genuine fans in the dark] they are probably right and, as far as the club is concerned, it appears to be anyone’s guess as to what they are aware of, apart from the occasional need to issue a denial on something or other. Chelsea TV can be given free rein to bang on about how brilliant it would be to have Sparky and the boys back at the Bridge. It does no harm, other than create yet another false trail for the gullible [paying] public, and later on, when the Hughes-happy sector of support is disheartened, the worst that’s happened is that the Media’s had another laugh at our expense. Conclusion from the thought police:- Simon Greenberg only comes into his own on statement days and high holidays and we could go some way to solving this, the first of our problems, if those days were numbered well before the start of the new season. Strap hanging around every interviewee is looking more and more like albatross-ing [if there were such a word] around their necks and the practice should end in dismissal.

BOVVERED - we know Roman’s passionate about his football, but in the past, such as when he was beating a path to Sven or Ash‘s door, being bothered by protocol was never his strong point, was it? Also, is Roman really bothered one jot about what we the fans think on issues such as this latest one, anymore than he was interested in what we thought when Jose got the boot or when Avram was being considered as a replacement. No, is the evidential answer, but we shouldn’t be surprised because the whole shooting match has moved on from domestic success to European glory, driven by our owner’s underlying passion for the beautiful game.

That said, it’s still been a dogs dinner of a season, sprinkled with daft notions and farcical short cuts [Avram/Manager/Inexperienced/Good Idea?] and while some of us might have taken our eye off the ball in the last week or two [sparky/Manager/Inexperienced/Good Idea?] maybe Roman has not. If the Ancelotti approach is to be believed, he’s still not bothered much by protocol and the Euro flame obviously burns bright, especially when coals like Kaka could be heaped upon it. Conclusion from the thought police:- Despite European objectives niggling away, the owner still values style over substance and that’s why I’m not ruling out Scolari turning up to a samba beat after the Euros, or just when we least expect it. I wont lie to you, I voted as much on the last poll, so there!

BEWILDERED - the final and most destructive of the 3 B’s, because it covers the magical mystery tour that could easily be entitled ‘Roman’s Roamin’ in the Transfer Markets of the World‘. You don’t need me to go back over old ground when it comes to transfer policy - the Veron’s, the Mutu’s, the Crespo’s, the Sheva’s - they all give us the Shakes, followed by long and often loanee periods of regret. The latest of these dips into the gene pool of talent was, or so I thought at the time, a seminal moment in the Abramovich history of parting with money - a smooth, decisive, no messing purchase of Bosingwa, leaving the Alves extravaganza trailing in a wake of what was once spending for spendings sake. Then he stopped, almost as if the whole concept of not getting taken to the cleaners had shaken him to the core. Bewildering or what?! I think so and what is more, with my less-sceptic nerve shattered, I am fearing a Monty Python race for those with no sense of direction [or cost] as we go in search of future transfer targets.

Gone are the days when the Media feel obliged to report on a bartering procedure for Didier and Sheva going to AC Milan - it’s straight in now with a Milan outfit said to be getting what they want, when they want it, and, when they’ve got it, they’ll still have their manager to manage it. Chelsea, apparently, will get what they are given, like it or lump it, and, if Kenyon’s previous track record on hard bargaining in this particular neck of the woods is anything to go by, we’ll be lucky to get nothing. Kaka? - don’t be silly, Peter. Milan may not be in the CL, and Italy may be a country that has the odd player kicking around on Roman’s handouts, but they’ve still got their pride. And that is what needs attention in this, the bewilderment bracket. Enough is enough, the CFC pride comes before such things as Media prejudice, Milanese posturing, and write offs. These two moves will set the template for the rest that will follow thick and fast and they will highlight whether or not Kenyon’s got a grip on proceedings. Conclusion from the sanity police - under no cicumstances should we be an easy touch, so get back on the Bosingwa track, Roman....and do it sharpish!

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How much simpler and easier it would have been to let the harmless old boy remain in situ for a while until those little niceties called ’guarantees’ could be obtained from the club of a targeted manager, or perhaps, if we were lucky, even the right man himself, prior to both sides declaring they’re readiness to move.

It would have been easier on the club this way but Grant deserved better than to have the club looking for his successor as he was in the job, with all the inevitable leaks and umcomfortable questions that would have ensued. If he had to be sacked it was better for him that it was done the way it was and the club did the right thing by him.

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As always, Dorset, you speaketh the truth. Your words in belittled rang especially true, as we have to read daily about how coaches like Ancelotti or ones even more unlikely, who none of us here give a chance in hell of being the next manager, are rejecting us like there is no tomorrow. With that kind of behavior, I am certainly not bovvered

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i think liam has a point. if we openly searched for a new manager while grant was still in place then that would have been wrong. they did the right thing by moving him on and then starting the search in earnest. im sure roman, buck etc knew in advance they were changing manager, but did the right thing by moving grant on before openly searching.

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If Grant was to be employed as a fall guy (as I suspect he was) then why shouldn't he experience the pitfall's it brings, lets get it right, the fella' has just walked away with a £5m payoff from our football club!!!

Why would the club let him walk away, if he was the fall guy, without another manager lined up? Surely they'd let him sit out the speculation until their replacement was in place (or hired), as they did with Jose replacing Claudio, and as the did with Avram replacing the best manager we've ever had?!?! We somehow knew Claudio was being replaced before it was announced (''dead man walking''), Jose was a suprise, albeit one that was somehow already on the cards, and we knew deep down Avi was on his was, so I say this knowing the club have already got someone in mind - surely?!?!?

I've been saying for along time it was Hiddink due to the fact Roman has been indirectly paying his wages for the past few years via the Russian FA!

But after seeing recent interview's with Paulo and Ricci praising their current international manager, and the signing of Boswinger I'm leaning towards the fact we may have hired their current international manager.

I don't know who's in charge next year, and I've already had me, my brother, and dad's season ticket paid for next season!! Am I am mug or do I just love the club?? I'm starting to think I've become a cash cow for the club because they know our passion but just treat us like f*cking idiots.

I'm now starting to wonder, if the club announced before a ball was kicked last season, would I/we re-new our season tickets?? Knowing a manager with no premiership/international/ or champions league experience would be taking over from the best manager we've ever had, would I still nail my colours to the mast? Yes I would have done, but would others(JCL's)? So why not keep the special one until the day after we released 'The blue Reveloution' video/CD and replace him with a 'pup' so all season tickets are already paid for and we just have to hope and pray how the season will end up rather than knowing we'd be there or there about's come the end of the season? Top four and a good cup run anyone?

The club must already know who's in place - if they don't and we end up with an out of work Mancini, Rijkaard or Ian Holloway for that matter, what was the harm in announcing it as soon as 'our target' was reportedly out of work.

I hope and pray the club have an 'ideal' of the way forward, but if, by the start of this season my realisation is that they don't, then my season ticket won't be renewed next year, and our football club can be left for the mugs who wish to hang on to the memory of Chelsea FC, because it will no longer have a place in my heart if it see's me and my family as customers rather than part of it.

Season ticket holders who have already paid to watch next season at least deserve the right to know the way forward, for f*(k sake tell us your plan - we have paid through the nose to support you for the manyt years (lifetimes in some cases) and could have a management team of Big Ron/Barry Fry/Ian Holloway/Ian Dowie............if you dissapoint, without a plan, then I'm off.......sorry but your taking the piss!!

I'd rather watch it on the box with your new fans and keep my ST money in my pocket rather than watch it go to another manager who wasn't quiet up to the job! or sack one that is!

C'mon Chelsea, sort it out!!!!

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The first thing Roman should do is get rid of that "Self important posturing Tw@,kenyon",what has he really done for us,in football circles he is a joke,remember the CL medal fiasco,and he doesn't carry that much clout in Romans inner sanctum,he should crawl off back to Manure from whence he came,i really loathe him as you can gather......Grrrrrrr actions1.gif

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