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The Back Four


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I just read on yahoo! France that Alcides will be back from PSV, since Chelsea did not want to let him there another year. Apparently, he said that he was coming back to take Carvalho's place. Riccy, the article said, is very close to secure a move to Inter.

With Alcides back, Riccy maybe out... what can we expect to see in defence next year. If I am right, we now have, Terry, Carvalho, Ferreira, Bosingwa, Alex, Bridge, A Cole, Ben Haïm, Belleti, Alcides and Ivanovic. That makes eleven players, so some of them will certainly leave.

Has Bridge played any minute after the Carling Cup final? Where was Ivanovic anyway? So, I would not be surprised if Bridge left. After all, Scolari did play both Ferreira and Bosingwa during the Euro, Paulo being on the left side. Could he take Bridge's place as the 2nd choice left full back??

Other than that, I guess Ben Haïm is gone, altho he performed at least fairly, as a 4th choice center back.

I would believe that our back line could look like this next year:

Bosingwa-Alex-Terry-A Cole (subs: Ferreira, Alcides, Ivanovic, Belleti)

That is assuming Carvalho does go to Inter, both Ben Haïm and Bridge leave. Belleti and Paulo are also potential candidate to departure.

Could it be so?

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I guess we'll wait and see, although I truly hope that we manage to keep Carvalho. However, he's been pretty loyal to Jose, so it wouldn't suprise me if it was Jose and not Scolari who persuades them into their club


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Boula is back from Spain also.

No way will we do a season with JT and Alex at the back. Two big guys will not work (see Germany).

Mr Alceides has speoken out of turn and possibly got the wrong end of the stick as no way is he coming from nowhere to take the place of a world class centre back.

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I know we havent seen him play but this Ivanovich cost us 9 mill, and by all acounts is supposed to be a bit sh!t hot! heard he was a right back that coul play centerback though and we have rightbacks going out of fashion at the moment

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Since Ivanovic signed i think he has played 3 times for his country, none for us and once for the reserves.

I actually went to Griffin Park that night, especially to see him (and catch up with an old mate). And I have to say at that level he looked a class apart. Obviouisly want to see more of him this coming season.

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I think that Ferreira plays at left back for Portugal for two reasons

1. Portugual really don't seem to have any quality natural left backs at the moment (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

2. Their right back (be that Bosingwa or Miguel) constantly bomb forward and play almost as a right winger a lot of the time. When Portugal lose possesion with the right back so far forward, they are not completely exposed as the defensive Ferreria usually isn't as far forward on the left, and he can tuck in and play as a back 3.

For Chelsea, I don't think either of these things will be problems.

Firstly, we have two quality natural left backs in the squad, and secondly, even if Bosingwa is given as much licence to get forward as he is with Portugal, the pace of Ashley Cole will mean that he doesn't have to stay back as much as Ferreira does to compensate. Of course it will need a bit of organisation, as you can't have both fullbacks bombing forward on every attack.

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Bang on. Portugal had some good players but most of them were wingers.

Scolari mainly lacked two positions.

1. A striker who was quick footed and quick witted.

2. A left back.

In club management he will not have those restrictions...hopefully! ;)

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Don't know what the manager has in mind .. I'd stick with

--Bosingwa--Carvalho--Terry--A.Cole + [Ferreria--Alex--Ivanovich--Bridge] and let go of Ben Haim + Belleti

Even if Carvalho leaves we have



Not too bad.

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Time:2:07 --- this is why Jose called Wenger a Voyeur!

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Our wing backs at the moment are: A.Cole, Bosingwa, Ferreira, Belletti and Bridge. Which one do you believe is surplus?

Bosingwa and Ferreira are Scolari's trusted players.

Belletti won WC with Scolari 2002.

A.Cole is one of the best in his spot in England.

Which leaves us to..Bridge.

Plus we still got that big question mark called Ivanovic in our ranks...

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