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I am a danish CFC supporter. Next I will be going to London on a vacation and I plan to visit Stamford Bridge on a Stadium Tour. The website is noy very informative on the topic, though

So, have any of you been on av stadium tour? Can you tell me what it includes a how long it takes? And is it worth the 15 pounds? (I have alredy watched two games on the Bridge, so it is not that I haven´t seen tha stadium)


Soren :D

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Hi Soren

I did the Stadium tour in march and it was worth it. It took about 1 hour and a half. You can take pictures the whole time see the changing rooms, showers, press conference room you enter the stadium via the player tunnel (is that the right word for it? :D ) you have free entrance to the museum and if you like you can spend the rest of the day there (watching Ashley Coles shoes or the FA Cup trophy). Our guide was such a nice guy and he gave as a lot of extra information and made jokes the whole time about Man United or Arsenal. I wouldn't have missed it.

So if you go I hope you have a really nice time.

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we did the stadium tour in may

its well worth the money, you get to go in the museum for as long as you like, then get a guided tour of the ground including the changing room press room, you can get to sit in the dug out its a good few hours out

make sure you take your camera there is some amazing stuff in the museum to photo

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You can pay for the tour on the day , just get there a bit earlier , they accept payment no problem.

The tour is probably the best i've done. Full of information , guided , not rushed and you get value for money.

Ive done the Bernabeau, great stadium , loved seeing it, but it's not guided, ya just do your own thing. Same with The Nou Camp.

Never done any other stadium tours but would love to see The New Wembley.

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Thanks guys. I´ve decided to go - but now the site won´t take my VISA-card :wub:

just turn up and buy your tickets on the day, like clubhappy said just go a bit early, the entrance is just to the left of the exit door to the club shop

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I've been on the stadium tour 3 times - once back aroudn 2001/2 and twice in the past 3 years (mostly because I was in London for a weekend and there was no match on, and I was with people who had never been).

You can get in fairly easily, slots are every half an hour or so (as long as you dont turn up on matchdays, obviously!!)

Its worth it for the money - you get access to changing rooms, press rooms etc, something you couldnt do normally..

Its all down to the rep you get on the day, some are more passionate and entertaining than others.

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