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Ruud Get's The Sack.....again


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Crap team in comparison to what? Yeah they were not that good, but then Lalas started trying to go teh Galactico route, with players and managers, and the such. They continued to underperform, desipte Lalas saying that it was all good and part of a learning process (however, they needed their team to start performing straight away), and it has all come back to bite them in the rear.

Honestly, I think for that team, the signing of Beckham has been the team's downfall. Lalas was so concerned abuot the new marketability of Beckham, and subsequently his team, that he pinned all his hopes on him. Then Beckham gets injured, and the team are not playing well, but hey at least they are selling more beckham shirts! Unfortunately, the Galaxy sold out and went for global exposure with one player, rather than building a team and it has really backfired on them

Anyone who watched all this unfold will not really be that suprised


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no not at all. It's "hollywood fc" as some call it. Galaxy depended too heavily on Beckham instead of improving the team collectively. Seeing beckham play last month was shocking, how he manages to get a call up from England still baffles me!

Well that seems to be what MLS is doing, sign big names and then the hype dies away then buy others, so now Henry is being rumored.

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Henry is seemingly being touted as joining the MLS expansion team in Seattle. However, I have heard that Seattle's board will be totally governed bt the members/fans. In that, if the manager is someone that the fan's and ticket holders don't like, they can vote them out. Novel idea, so will be interesting to see how it will all go

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