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  1. Rumours that Newcastle are interested. Would you sell?
  2. Started playing Back 4 Blood. It’s a lot of fun and chaos. It’s not a slow burner, you’re straight into the action.
  3. Side quests in games have becoming boring and repetitive. I rarely 100% a game. Sounds like Ubisoft have just chucked a load of content in regardless of whether it actually adds to the gaming experience.
  4. Sounds like a standard Ubisoft game. They’ve had the same model for years and rarely come up with a anything new or inventive.
  5. Is it like the division - aka enemies are bullet sponges? How does the game play in general?
  6. Battlefield 2042 open beta this weekend. Managed to have a few goes and gotta say, it’s feeling really good. I’m not a hardcore shooter type but feels good to me.
  7. I watched a couple of YouTube videos. The island does look really nice. I read that Ubisoft are doing something different with the next Far Cry
  8. I’m slowly getting into the game but I feel like I’m running loads, finally get to the destination where the fighting is and then get shot. Gets abit frustrating. It’s well made though.
  9. What’s your thoughts on Newcastle’s takeover? 5 x richer than City’s owners..
  10. Anyone played Hell Let Loose? It’s free on PS5 this month. Basically it’s another Battlefield. Pretty decent game but I’ve not shot one person and feel like I’m just running the whole time. Map feels huge.
  11. Yeah never had any issues with Shop to. Always cheap and reliable.
  12. I’m not a fan of Game at all. I’ve just ordered Back 4 Blood from Shop To for £45 inc free delivery. Everywhere else was £55 plus delivery. Suppose I rarely buy brand new games and usually trade in.
  13. Where does everyone order their games from? I want to avoid Amazon, Game etc because they’re abit pricey. Shop To always sell them cheap and delivery is quick but their website seems to be down at the minute. any other good suggestions?
  14. Ah I thought it had but it was a one month delay. My mate works for EA and he said EA are pulling everyone on to help on Battlefield. Said they’re trying to make it 5* release. Really looking forward to Back 4 Blood. I played the beta and loved it. Hoping to get Far Cry but might pick it up nearer Christmas.
  15. E-Football while it is abit of a mess, it does have potential. Quite like the game plan. It’s ridiculous that companies release games in such poor condition.
  16. Battlefield has been delayed hasn’t it until Feb 2022? It will be mega though.
  17. If Barkley is getting in ahead of him, you know he’s in trouble.
  18. Thomas Tuchel on Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech: "We always try to do the best but at some point, after a lot of chances, we have to admit Kai and Hakim are not in their best shape. It's maybe not even their fault. They struggle to be decisive." I’m glad Tuchel is digging out Havertz and Ziyech. They have been poor this season and offered very little.
  19. His physicality is wonderful and adds to the team well. Some wonderful touches. He just needs that final bit of quality in the final 3rd. Doing well though, great to see him back
  20. I take back I everything I ever said about Barkley.
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