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  1. He looks broken at the minute doesn’t he. Constantly injured and unreliable.
  2. He made some great last ditch challenges in his time. Palace away, United at home are couple that come to mind.
  3. It showed big faith by Tucel to put Chabolah on at the end. Taking Jorginho off as well. Looks like Tuchel really trusts him. As others said, it was hard to tell given the timing and circumstances but pleased he came on.
  4. This and the Zouma deal is really dragging out isn’t it.
  5. Only United would be daft enough to offer a 2 year contract to a guy who is 37 in February.
  6. He’s on £300k per week. Ridiculous wages. Matt Law was saying that if we sign him on loan, it will be a an expensive loan with the loan fee and wages. A lot of money for a 4th choice.
  7. Just started playing God of War. Thought I would give it a bash as it’s free. How have I missed this game the entire time?!! I think them sort of games were the focus is on story and gameplay is better than open world. Open world games need abit of a re-think. No-one of them feel fresh or exciting anymore. Too much filler in them.
  8. If Pep uses Ronaldo as a pure striker then the move could work. Pep does like his team to press so I’m not sure how that works out though.
  9. Ronaldo to City unfortunately makes perfect sense and I think he would actually do well there. It’s a short term stop gap signing. Most players are done at 36 but Ronaldo looks after himself. No-one else really available for City and they do need someone.
  10. Whoever signs him is going to get screwed over by him and his agent. I’m glad we’ve dodged that bullet.
  11. Rumours that the Zouma deal is on/off at the minute and stalled. Some doubts whether it will go through or not.
  12. I don’t understand how Kane is suddenly happy with staying at Spurs. Even though his media team is in overdrive and saying the right things, surely deep down he is very peeved at being forced to stay. It does make it easier for us though. Means that Haaland will have a choice of City or Bayern next season.
  13. “Mino Raiola demanded a wages of €50m/year for Erling Håland from @ChelseaFC this Summer, in addition to agents fees of €40m” No wonder we couldn’t agree a deal. Glad the club stayed away.
  14. It was so good to see a Chelsea striker bully a defence. Haven’t seen it since Drogba and Costa.
  15. I hope we do sign Kounde, I know there’s a risk that Trev’s minutes will be reduced but we do need to think 2/3/4 years down the line. We’ve got a lot of uncertainties around our defence so if he’s as good as what is believed then we need to snap him up while he’s available.
  16. I read that under Fifa rules, you can’t loan a player out who is in their final year of contract - hence the contract extension. Emerson is an odd one. Never seems to do anything wrong but 3 managers haven’t played him. Must be a reason.
  17. A lot of people have been saying that if you want a PS5, to phone your local Game shop (uk) and they’ll put you on a list. Doesn’t take long apparently. Worth a try.
  18. Bought Skater XL today which is a skateboarding sim. Not like Tony Hawks which is very arcadey and unrealistic. Quite like the simplistically of it and how hard it is to master. Not huge amount of content- it’s basically freeskate and there’s an online mode for freeskate as well.
  19. If I was Trev, I would stay and fight for my place. These type of opportunities only come about very rarely and he should seize it while he can. Even a good loan is no guarantee of anything.
  20. Poor from City. Interesting to see if it’s just a slow start or something deeper. They started slow last year and came on strong from October time. One defeat won’t hurt them Spurs did look like Wolves. They looked aggressive. It will be interesting to see how they get on this season. Also, the players need to get with the programme with the fans back. They’ve gotten used to life without them.
  21. Anyone been playing the Back 4 Blood open beta this weekend? Feels like a real good game.
  22. It’s interesting that refs have been told to be more lenient and let play go. Trying to copy European refereeing. I think there will be some controversial moments and missed pens/fouls
  23. I played that a little while back. It’s pretty decent and they’ve built the different modes well. I found the whole looting and having to craft EVERYTHING abit repetitive after a while though.
  24. Jose is a big name but I am surprised he’s accepted. I can’t see many players wanting to play for him anymore. But yeah, hopefully Jose will teach him a few things. Shame it has ended with Tammy leaving after his 1.5 full seasons with us. He did well especially under Frank and was crucial. It is not easy finding strikers who can score PL goals. I predict he will be back in a couple of years in the PL. Good luck Tammy.
  25. Finished Watchdogs Legion. It’s not bad game but it doesn’t excel. Enjoyable driving around London but the missions were abit meh. Decent game overall. Far Cry 5 is only £6 but I can’t face playing another Ubisoft game. I think I’m out of ideas for games. Nothing is inspiring me. Might have to ride it out until newer games out
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