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  1. Havertz needs to bulk up to play in this league. Too soft.
  2. Every time we get it past their midfield, they’re proper open. Need abit more quality.
  3. We look dangerous going forward but we’re not controlling the game.
  4. Is there a specific reason why Spurs fans are booing Alonso? I know he’s scored a few times but other than that?
  5. We look like scoring every time we go forward
  6. Don’t fancy Kepa against Kane’s long shots
  7. United are awful. They won’t be winning anything this season.
  8. Lucky win for united here. Again, individual brilliance rather than the team playing well.
  9. I think this how United will be. They have good individual players but they won’t win anything because they can’t put it all together into a team performance
  10. Just saw the highlights from the Liverpool game. How did Palace not get a penalty for that trip on their striker? Absolute scandal. Liverpool didn’t look great either.
  11. I’m beginning to think City have peaked and need abit of a rebuild. Of course they started slow last year but i think they do need a striker.
  12. I would be cautious about offering him a long term mega money deal with his injury record. He’s in a good period of form and has been largely consistent but I dont think he’s world class.
  13. PSG are a joke..and Mo Po is a fraud. They’ll never win anything under him. Thankfully they’ve already sacked Tuchel so they can’t come back in for him.
  14. Feel bad for Saul. Hopefully he just needs time to settle in
  15. My wife has just had our 3rd kid and we managed to get home for the game. This is not the relaxing match I was hoping for! Villa look decent. We don’t look like we’re controlling the match at all.
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