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  1. Since the wire tapping scandal orchestrated and manipulated by inter shareholders there have not been major swaps with them. In any case Conte is not just a regular player he has been a juve legend, captain and coach, assist from claiming to be a fan since a kid. Inter and his supporters have always attacked all he stands for with bike insults except obviously continuously trying to lure juve players, managers and directors to try replicate the successes that apart from the period immediately after the coup they orchestrated elude them due to their incompetence
  2. Sorry to see Antonio coaching such a sh*tty and ridiculous club like indaa, it's actually quite shameful for a juve captain and legend, great coach but disgusting behaviour that unfortunately would not surprise me at all given his precedents.
  3. Sorry to see Antonio coachibg such a sh*tty and ridiculous club like indaa, it's actually quite shameful for a juve captain and legend, great coach but disgusting behaviour that unfortunately would not surprise me at all given his precedents.
  4. No doubt pace is faster in EPL, on the other end defending is way worse and an in form higuain could do well IMO. the comparison with Rooney doesn't stand apart from a certain tendency to get fatter, but higuain never had any serious injury, doesn't drink and is incredibly gifted from a technical point of view so I don't see why he shouldn't age well. Last year he had a very good season, this year he has been heavily influenced by the transfer to Milan but I think had he started with sarri from July he would have had a much better season and you would have been easily third. We'll see what happens next year
  5. I think that Gonzalo is a great player, he is coming from a bad year due to a number of issues mainly his transfer to a mediocre Milan team and bad training. With a good pre season conditioning he has all it takes to be a good striker. He's 31 not 40, van have 3 good years in him without a problem. But he's not a leader be needs support and good assist, which he's not receiving currently. I can't see how you will get a better player at the conditions you would be able to get Gonzalo. Personally I hope he comes back to juve and plays with Ronaldo.
  6. What a brilliant analysis.... I think I remember that with the fraud you won a league dominating it, an FA cup and would have deserved to go thru with Barca in the last CL but maybe it's the Costagate that makes the talk here Very good game so far btw, you can start seeing some of Sarri's signature movements already
  7. I think that stats alone are not a good way to assess a player and his potential. First of all scoring 12 goals in serie A for a midfielder does not happen often,but most importantly Savic has skills that very few players combine since he is extremely talented technically and a beast phisically. He is very young but he has plenty of room for improvement and while certainly not cheap and not yet tested enough at international level he would be a risk worth taking IMO. If I had to choose to invest 100 milion on him or 80 on a good keeper I would have few doubts on whom to take the risk, but then again I am not paid million to make these decisions
  8. well it is hard to tell, but I think that Sarri has asked him for sure and in fact Gonzalo kind of confirmed it during the presentation at Milan, apparently Chelsea did make an attempt but at a much lower price than what Juve required and later tried to swap him for Morata but clearly the board was not convinced and preferred to spend the money on the keeper. We'll see, it is already sometine that I do not really understand your management's strategy but in the end the results will tell if they are right.
  9. Rugani was actually on the market, even though I hoped not but the deal was linked to Higuain , when Chelsea decided not to make a move the Milan deal was made with Caldara and Higuain, which is painful because Caldara is very good too and Gonzalo has been an incredible player during the past 2 seasons
  10. I would agree but Allegri doesn't play with 2 upfront and to be honest we have lots of players and higuain doesn't take it well to stay on the bench. It was very expensive for current budget. Anyway I love the guy but I understand the need to sell him I am just so pissed off that it was to Milan instead of Chelsea because I think he would have been great with you guys and in the same time we would not have helped these Milanese bankrupt morons
  11. On the contrary last year he was great not good and not by chance he was voted Juve MVP of the season (second time in a row). He scored a bit less because he played much more for the team and he learnt to be an advanced play because he is a striker with the technique of a 10. He scored in all key matches that allowed Juve to win the league , the cup and get to cl QF I would be surprised if he didn't score at least 20 goals in the EPL.
  12. You all underestimate greatly Higuain, whoever gets him will have a great player, he is definetly stronger as a forward than most of the current forwards in EPL and Sarri knows how to get the best out of him, anyway he is closing with Milan that got a very good deal and it annoys the hell out of me.
  13. Kane with Croatia missed 2 even bigger chances in 1 game, Suarez,Dzeko or Lewa or Higuain all miss chances at some points and in other moments score with any shot, it happens. Getting in front of a goal frequently means that the player knows how to move then there are moments in which the ball does not enter.
  14. I think you can make videos of mistakes for any player including the best. Alvaro is an excellent player but he is not a central forward, you get the best out of him when given the possibility of going deep with another central forward working with him. He had a good first part of the season and a bad second, but you are too harsh with him IMO and I would give him another chance before wasting that investment (which was too high, but that is not his fault).
  15. He is an excellent coach with a in depth knowledge of the game. Despite the fact that he is recognized mainly for his free flowing attacking football he is very good at organizing the defensive play and in fact that is the area where he improved Napoli the most over the years. His limits so far have been a certain integralism and lack of flexibility that sometimes went against him. Fans will need to be patient because generally he needs 2-3 months to get the team running
  16. Yes the reason is that he had some of the world's best CB in front of him and 33 for a CB is not too old. Besides it's not even true that he didn't break thru , last season he has been the third most used CB behind Chiellini and benatia. Every year he plays more, that has often been the approach at Juve with young defenders
  17. Well I already wrote and you might rightfully think that I am biased which might be, but higuain despite all the distrust that he receives for allegedly not being a big games player has been elected for two years in a row Juve MVP that has not happened since del Piero time, the year before joining us he was elected the best serie a player and set the league all time goal record under sarri. I think he is hands down one of the top 5 forwards in the world and probably the most technically gifted. With Juve he has further improved because he has played not only to score but helped the team a lot and has become an offensive playmaker. Look at the games against spurs, Milan or Naples as an example. He has got some bad press because he didn't play well in the finals with Argentina and in the cl with Juve, but he was in good company in those games unfortunately. Rugani is the best young Italian CB and I really hope he doesn't leave us, again he's another player that sarri knows well. While with Gonzalo might be impossible to avoid his sale due to Ronaldo, with rugani I am sure we will end up regretting it.
  18. ah ok sorry did not read carefully :) He is not world class unfortunately and God knows if Italy needed a world class player in that position. He is a good player like there a few dozens in Europe certainly not worth that price IMHO. But what counts is that he is worth it for Sarri because he has a key role in his tactics and as you will find out soon enough, Sarri is an excellent tactician on the pitch but he has no plan B, he will rather leave a good player on the bench rather than having to change his tactics that require strict adherence and are based on infinite repetitions that allow the team to be so fast in their transitions that despite the fact that they very predictable they still manage to be effective due to the impeccable and quick execution. The downside is that at least in Napoli he would play always with the same players and during the season when they are in a down period he has no plan B and drops points (not many anyway if you look at last season). Maybe with Chelsea since he will have better players he will be able to overcome this problem. Key players will be Hazard and Kante that hopefully will stay put.
  19. I really hope you are right
  20. But I wonder who's saying that he's the best playmaker in the world? [emoji16]Seriously he's a good player but he's not even close to being the best in the world, I wondered if you have seen him playing enough. FFS Neapolitan supporters are celebrating because they can't believe how much Chelsea paid and they are notoriously always over evaluating their players [emoji849] Anyway don't want to keep sounding negative I wish you all the best with sarri and jorginho, whenever we don't cross paths I am always happy when Chelsea wins so hopefully he will help building the team that sarri has in mind which is what counts in the end.
  21. I think that comparing Jorginho to Higuain or Ronaldo shows quite a bit of optimism. Higuain and Ronaldo are/were among the top 5 in their respective roles in the world. Jorginho I doubt is even in the top 20 midfielders in Europe, but that is my opinion having seen him playing live and on TV around 50 games in the last few years but probably you know better. Anyway clearly you are taking it personally with these messages about what Juve might or might not have done which is besides the point that Jorginho at 65 is way overpriced. Chelsea has more often than not bought amazing players like Kante, Hazard or Alonso at a very good price and I was happy for that because it is my fav English team, but I do not think I am offending anybody if I find surprising this evaluation despite the inflated market values, if Jorginho is worth 65 I expect that anything below 300 for Hazard will be laughed at...
  22. I don't disagree with you it is possible and in any case Ronaldo is mainly a commercial and marketing investment more than technical but even 2 years of the real Ronaldo would be worth 20 of jorginho. Seriously guys if you pay jorginho 65m you should pay higuain 200, rugani 100 and sell hazard for 400.Absolutely incredible price for me ,[emoji849]
  23. Yeah right same thing mate, good comparison
  24. TBH even with these prices it seeems way overpriced to me. He might be worth more for you because he was a key player in Sarri's system and he will help implementing it in a new team more quickly which is not a minor advantage, but out of this context I would never pay over 30-35 M for him even in this market. He has a great short range play but is way more average in the long range passes for a deep play and he has only really excelled with Sarri's Napoli. With Italy and with Napoli before Sarri he has always been average. Anyway best of luck, I like Sarri who has shown great things with Napoli on the pitch, hopefully Chelsea will be wise enough to forbid him any interactions with journalists because he is terrible from that point of view

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