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  1. God I hope not: ( there is a limit to everything and in any case we have pjanic already in that position
  2. Yes Liverpool did exactly the same thing with coutinho except they were able to reinvest the money which makes a big difference. From my point of view as a third party, it's more troubling the strategy relative to managers. Conte in my opinion is a better manager than sarri and was let go because the board didn't support him. Sarri until a few months ago was continuously under fire from media and fans with no protection whatsoever from the club. On the other hand this seems to always have been the Chelsea approach and even though it's counterintuitive it has worked well now often than not i
  3. Are you allowed to sign players in this transfer window then? I understood there was a ban on place
  4. Well if by instantly you mean over 22 years that might be the case, I doubt a manager at juve would survive even one season without trophies. In any case I am not familiar with arsenal team roster when Wenger took over but I am definitely familiar with hundreds of examples when bad managers failed because they tried to apply a tactical idea to a group of unfit players. Players come first tactics must adapt to players not the other way around. If a club has the luxury to build the ideal team for a manager then so be it, but in the long term I don't think it's a winning strategy because club com
  5. I doubt very much that Allegri would accept with a transfer ban, a very high risk of failure and getting at the end of next season sacked by your board and with his stock as a manager greatly devalued. Blanc or Lampard would be more likely.Best of all for Chelsea would have been not releasing Conte at all, who now is coming back to bust our balls with the second team of Milan
  6. I don't juve is offering any money at all from what is being written
  7. At Bayern and city he spent almost a billion. Euro combined and still didn't get anywhere near the results of Barca. I am not disputing the fact that he has a philosophy, but the idea that you can apply it no matter what type of players you have available. If you have the luxury of having our buying the players that are the best fit to your philosophy then of course you can execute it, if like 99.99,% of managers you do not, you have to adapt if you are a great manager. Sarri played very differently in Napoli and Napoli was way more pleasant to the eye than Chelsea has ever been this year beca
  8. I don't care about fans tastes,I very much doubt that Guardiola would make juve play like city with current players and even less so with atleti. In any event the point I was making was different
  9. Sacchi's Milan is as far away from Italian football as it can be with the notable exception of his increased attention to the defensive phase but that was thanks to having 2 of the all time best defenders in the history of football in maldini and baresi. That was an exception though that even Sacchi was unable to replicate with the national team in 94 or at atleti for that matter, because the one thing that the progressive football zealots fail to understand is that players are always more important than managers or tactical ideologies and you can't play the same style with any players and eve
  10. Ah well that's exactly what classic Uruguayan and Italian schools do since the late 20s but apparently that's not progressive
  11. I think mourinho, ancelotti, Di Matteo and Conte have all won UK recently and sarri's Chelsea is all but progressive according to your definition. Dutch and Hungarians played your progressive style many decades ago. Guardiola's progressive football in the last 8 years without messi,xhavi and iniesta has done considerably worse spending considerably more than Allegri's not progressive style. I find these labels very misleading to put it mildly
  12. No doubt that's why you need a club that is fully behind the project and I doubt juve can be especially if he comes and wins nothing after a record winning era, which to be honest would be hardly surprising because our next manager will have a very tough task in Italy too. On the other hand Chelsea is hardly is ideal club considering how your board is famous for not supporting managers and getting rid of them at the first opportunity, but since he was good and lucky enough to win in his first year it seems strange to let him go in the second, but hardly surprising any more considering how they
  13. What does progressive play mean?
  14. In Italy almost all mainstream news give sarri at juve as a fine deal while a few bloggers and some journalists and the main financial newspaper give credits to the Guardiola rumor and pep is still close second favourite on terms of odds on the market despite many strong denials from both clubs. It could be all down to the usual fake news Circus if it wasn't for at least a couple of these journalists that are usually very well informed on juve and are not clowns, one of them being the one that announced Ronaldo last may when it was not even a rumour yet. In my opinion both managers are huge
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