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  1. No doubt pace is faster in EPL, on the other end defending is way worse and an in form higuain could do well IMO. the comparison with Rooney doesn't stand apart from a certain tendency to get fatter, but higuain never had any serious injury, doesn't drink and is incredibly gifted from a technical point of view so I don't see why he shouldn't age well. Last year he had a very good season, this year he has been heavily influenced by the transfer to Milan but I think had he started with sarri from July he would have had a much better season and you would have been easily third. We'll see what happens next year
  2. I think that Gonzalo is a great player, he is coming from a bad year due to a number of issues mainly his transfer to a mediocre Milan team and bad training. With a good pre season conditioning he has all it takes to be a good striker. He's 31 not 40, van have 3 good years in him without a problem. But he's not a leader be needs support and good assist, which he's not receiving currently. I can't see how you will get a better player at the conditions you would be able to get Gonzalo. Personally I hope he comes back to juve and plays with Ronaldo.
  3. I think that stats alone are not a good way to assess a player and his potential. First of all scoring 12 goals in serie A for a midfielder does not happen often,but most importantly Savic has skills that very few players combine since he is extremely talented technically and a beast phisically. He is very young but he has plenty of room for improvement and while certainly not cheap and not yet tested enough at international level he would be a risk worth taking IMO. If I had to choose to invest 100 milion on him or 80 on a good keeper I would have few doubts on whom to take the risk, but then again I am not paid million to make these decisions
  4. well it is hard to tell, but I think that Sarri has asked him for sure and in fact Gonzalo kind of confirmed it during the presentation at Milan, apparently Chelsea did make an attempt but at a much lower price than what Juve required and later tried to swap him for Morata but clearly the board was not convinced and preferred to spend the money on the keeper. We'll see, it is already sometine that I do not really understand your management's strategy but in the end the results will tell if they are right.
  5. Rugani was actually on the market, even though I hoped not but the deal was linked to Higuain , when Chelsea decided not to make a move the Milan deal was made with Caldara and Higuain, which is painful because Caldara is very good too and Gonzalo has been an incredible player during the past 2 seasons
  6. I would agree but Allegri doesn't play with 2 upfront and to be honest we have lots of players and higuain doesn't take it well to stay on the bench. It was very expensive for current budget. Anyway I love the guy but I understand the need to sell him I am just so pissed off that it was to Milan instead of Chelsea because I think he would have been great with you guys and in the same time we would not have helped these Milanese bankrupt morons
  7. On the contrary last year he was great not good and not by chance he was voted Juve MVP of the season (second time in a row). He scored a bit less because he played much more for the team and he learnt to be an advanced play because he is a striker with the technique of a 10. He scored in all key matches that allowed Juve to win the league , the cup and get to cl QF I would be surprised if he didn't score at least 20 goals in the EPL.
  8. You all underestimate greatly Higuain, whoever gets him will have a great player, he is definetly stronger as a forward than most of the current forwards in EPL and Sarri knows how to get the best out of him, anyway he is closing with Milan that got a very good deal and it annoys the hell out of me.
  9. Kane with Croatia missed 2 even bigger chances in 1 game, Suarez,Dzeko or Lewa or Higuain all miss chances at some points and in other moments score with any shot, it happens. Getting in front of a goal frequently means that the player knows how to move then there are moments in which the ball does not enter.
  10. I think you can make videos of mistakes for any player including the best. Alvaro is an excellent player but he is not a central forward, you get the best out of him when given the possibility of going deep with another central forward working with him. He had a good first part of the season and a bad second, but you are too harsh with him IMO and I would give him another chance before wasting that investment (which was too high, but that is not his fault).
  11. He is an excellent coach with a in depth knowledge of the game. Despite the fact that he is recognized mainly for his free flowing attacking football he is very good at organizing the defensive play and in fact that is the area where he improved Napoli the most over the years. His limits so far have been a certain integralism and lack of flexibility that sometimes went against him. Fans will need to be patient because generally he needs 2-3 months to get the team running
  12. I really hope you are right
  13. This year he scored against napoli away, inter away, and Milan besides Atalanta in semis of cup and against spurs and olympiakos all games that were critical to win the league and go thru the cups. Last year he won the cl semis for us vs Monaco and scored in all the big games of the league including Roma and napoli. It's true that with national team he has not been great in the finals, but messi wasn't either in those games. I read a lot of very critical comments of higuain, but I would like to know which forward you consider better than him? There are not many and technically he is one of the best of not the best. I actually hope he will stay even though I am afraid he will be sold to recoup some money and because of Ronaldo.
  14. He has one quality that is also the reason why many of his performances are way undervalued even by many juve fans. Despite the age he is excellent tactically he often reads the attacking movements in advance so he does a lot of preventive marking. You don't see him tackling all the time or using his body like a chiellini would do not be is very clean. He needs to improve of course but he is a CB that has played and learnt 3 years with one of the best defenses in Europe, I can't understand why we would sell him now that barzagli is close to retirement and chiellini needs to be used carefully. It would be only for financial reasons but I think it would be a mistake
  15. We do have caldara who is very good but yet to prove himself in a top team, rugani even though was not yet a starter has been playing every year more and was supposed to become with caldara the pillar for the next 10 seasons, of course sarri wants him but very surprised at seeing juve letting him go. He's way better than rudiger btw.
  16. I hope it's not true. Excellent CB very undervalued but one of the best young defenders in Europe.
  17. Not a chance in hell he will move in January mate, sorry but juve is not a second tier club that sells its key players during the winter window while competing to win all competitions even for a ridiculous offer (100+).Sandro has had an awful start of the season and allegri has put some pressure on him like on Dybala, but both are key players and need to get back on form if we want to have any chance to compete in CL. Next summer it will be another story if Sandro and Dybala decide to go, but that will be handled in spring when we will have the time to find alternatives Last match btw he started and played very well
  18. I did not say you are ignorant, but that what you said is. Preferring one style of play to the other is perfectly fine with me and I actually happen to agree that the first year with Conte we played one of the most entertaining type of football ever helped by the fact that we did not play in Europe. Already from the second year while becoming more effective (way less draws than during first year) we did not manage to replicate the same quality and intensity once we had to play three competitions. An entirely different thing is to call our current manager, who btw has the best results so far in Juve history, a donkey or claiming we play horribly, that is both untrue and ignorant. It is not a question of opinion nor a personal insult it is just the way it is sorry. Sadly these days, it is the attitude of so many Juve fans who act and talk like spoiled know-it-all brats rather than fans for the club, that's the price to pay for so many years of good results apparently, people loose the sense of reality and do not appreciate what they got. I dislike and despise from the bottom of my heart this attitude that is the exact polar opposite of what Antonio rightly appreciated in English fans who support the club no matter what as long as players and manager give their all. Forza Juve and Chelsea indeed (at least until we do not meet :))
  19. I guess each club has its own :) Don't get me wrong Antonio deserves all the praise he gets as a manager although he did not leave us in the best possible way, but fans that keep crying over old players and managers and do not move on and start insulting the new managers/players annoy the hell out of me and unfortunately at Juve we have so many of those
  20. Conte is a great manager, one of the best at present and the first season was also memorable because unexpected. I always support Conte at least until he does not come back to Italy. Having said that Conte's widows are a disgrace for Juve fan base unfortunately. Our fan base is the largest in Italy but too many do not support the shirt and they prefer to support single players and managers. Allegri does not play spectacular football all the time but is an excellent manager and games like those won against Real and Borussia in 2015 or Barca and Monaco this year have also been excellent. Saying that we play horrible football is just pure ignorant and untrue and shows very poor understanding of the game sorry. After the first year we saw quite a few bad games with Antonio too, especially in Europe btw. Going back to Antonio I think he is not a manager that can stay more than 2-3 years with one club because the intensity that he puts in his job is so high that he burns the candle from both ends and it is very hard to keep that type of intensity from the same group of people for very long. I would be surprised if he stayed on for another year but I cannot see him staying for over 3 years despite the fact that he clearly loves Chelsea
  21. I really do not remember Juve bidding for him, but it is definitely possible especially 2 years ago when he was younger and had played in Under 21. It is not a bad player and very likely that Conte will improve him. His price is probably a good 40% higher than it should but you guys have a lot of money so it is ok I guess
  22. Not sure about Italy but for me Alonso was the best LB of Serie A 2 years ago at Fiorentina (Sandro was not yet starting) , Zappacosta is ok but not as good as Alonso
  23. He is an ok player, not great but will probably improve under Conte but you paid him way too much

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